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Jeep’s Deserthawk to Arrive in 2020

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Jeep has been extremely popular among off-road drivers for their state of art SUVs. The American SUV company has been focusing on manufacturing SUVs that would run on the off-road testing terrains with élan. And so far, they have been very successful, especially with their model Trailhawk. Recently Jeep announced the launch of Deserthawk under the Cherokee range which will specialize in desert runs.

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Jeep_s Deserthawk to Arrive in 2020

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As soon as the news was out, car specialists started comparing Deserthawk with Jeep’s most popular model Trailhawk. Trailhawk comes with heavy duty suspension, bigger tyres, bigger wheels and metal hooks in the bumpers. It is ideal for riding through toughest of the terrains. Be it rocks, jungle or mud, Trailhawk has crawled them all.

The Deserthawk, on the other hand, will focus on desert drive and shall be built to ride over testing deserts through cross country journeys. The company has promised that Deserthawk will have the ultimate speed capability for off road driving. Since it is specifically designed for desert runs, it will not be ideal for rock crawling like the Trailhawk.

Deserthawk will also have specifications like, special suspension for the long bumpy jumps in the sand. The engine will have a lot of power to drive through the sand dunes. And there shall be 8 specific changes that will make it a perfect vehicle of the deserts.

These are some of the specs that Jeep shared along with the news of launching the Deserthawk in 2020. The estimated price of this model is a little higher than the popular Trailhawk. It will be around $5,000 to $10,000 more expensive than other regular cars.

If you have been planning a long drive through the deserts, then you might want to wait till 2020 when this desert car hits the sands.

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