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The Lamborghini Aventador has been seen rustling the race track in Nurbu

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Lamborghini is not just a super-car brand it’s totally a lifestyle for car lovers who love both style and speed. Each and every car manufactured by Lamborghini is a masterpiece and is made with lots of hard work and precision by engineers and technicians who are 100% dedicated to wha6t they do and how they do it. Well the Lamborghini Aventador which  is one of the most awaited cars of all times is set to be on road very soon as it has already been seen on the race track while test drive after which the car will soon be out for delivery for customers who would like to purchase this beautiful car.

The Lamborghini Aventador has been seen rustling the race track in Nurbu.._

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What will be so new about the car?

The fact that this car has been designed and manufactured by Lamborghini is itself a big advantage for the buyers as this brand is very well known for its quality. The car will have this unique Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva or ALA which is one of the latest forms of Aerodynamics that gives the car the perfect streamlined shape that gives the car awesome speed and balance as well on roads. Cars are like this are made especially for on road driving and if you would like to take it for an off-road drive you better consult an engineer who will help you in sorting the whole thing out and changing the tyres if needed for an off road ride.

Under the hood

The car is a gifted one where you can enjoy V12 engine which gives out a power of 780 bhp and then there is this 690 Nm of Torque. This type of engine can help the car gain speeds from 0-100 in just 3.3 seconds which indeed is a big advantage for the vehicle as more and more speed lovers would love to invest on such a thing. Meanwhile there are rumours that the car may have a even more powerful engine that can give more speeds and that will be a limited edition with only a couple of cars in the market.

When is the car expected to be on roads?

Now this is a little tricky thing as the car is already on the testing track where it is being tested to it maximum capacity in terms of acceleration, comfort, and speed. Once the testing is done the car will be ready to be on roads and bookings all across Germany and other parts of the globe will start as well and the car will soon be on roads. The car is about to make its debut in the global markets around March 2019. Its just a matter of some months and then you will be able to enjoy the Lamborghini Aventador.

Make sure that you book your Aventador well in advance as this car is already making a lot of news in the markets and will be a bestseller of Lamborghini very soon. So you better be on your hoods and happy driving.

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