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Lamborghini Urus - IBB Review

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It’s raining SUVs across all the segments globally, including the super-premium segments. We just heard even Rolls Royce has started wading the SUV market with their Cullinan. Citing the boom in the SUV market, Lamborghini known for their low slung supercars couldn’t just sit quietly and watch the market grow. Lamborghini Urus is the new premium SUV from the Italian sports car manufacturer to encash this global phenomenon, the love for SUVs!

Lamborghini Urus

The news of an SUV with the raging bull logo from Italy was received with the copious amount of excitement as well as skepticism. We here at IBB try to tame the raging bull to bring out the answers!

Lamborghini Urus Quick Facts

Lamborghini Urus Styling

One look and you easily identify the origin. The Urus packs in all the design elements to ensure that it looks where it belongs to. The car measures five meters long, two meters wide and sit on 21-inch sharply chiselled alloys.

Urus silhouette perfectly blends the traditional Lambo design lines with SUV traits. The face is unmistakably Lamborghini with the hexagonal elements, Lambo trademark grille arrangement, Y-shaped DRLs and the mean and clean looking headlamps. The side profile is surprisingly maintained tight with just enough toned muscles and creases. The Urus gets a coupe-like sloping roofline and interestingly it doesn’t affect the headroom inside. The 21-inch wheels give the car the much-needed attention from the sides.

The rear gets just enough bulk to ensure some signature SUV lines and the wraparound rear lamps with the Y complements it. You will not miss the rear diffuser typically seen on a Lambo race car along with a quartet of integrated rounded exhaust tips.

To summarize, Urus from Lamborghini is one of the most-aggressive and sharp styled SUV we have seen in a while. The design perfectly blends the cues taken from Lambo’s very first off-roader the LM002 and a good deal of Lamborghini’s traditional sports car cues.

Lamborghini Urus Interiors

The classic raging bull cues filter into the interiors as well. What you get is a driver-focused layout and lowered seating position, along with a control set-up that renders that ‘fighter jet pilot’ feel. We spot a lot of geometric design elements and hard angles inside as well. The air vents, door handles, airbag modules and cup holders have hexagonal shapes.

The three-spoke steering has a flat bottom with a vibration damper, which also comes equipped with thumb-length multifunction switches on the left and right for the infotainment system, telephony functions and SatNav.

The car has enough space to accommodate five full-size adult occupants in comfort, adding the practicality factor of the Urus immensely. The front seats are specially conceptualized and designed by Lamborghini exclusively for the Urus with sporty DNA memory units which offers heating/cooling functions and the seats are 12-way electrically adjustable.

Customers can also opt for 18-way electric luxury seats with ventilation and massage function. A three-seater arrangement comes as standard and customers can opt for a two-seat second-row layout if they are looking for enhanced luxury. The rear seat has also got a move and fold functions, enhancing cargo space. With the rear seat in place, the cargo space is 616 litres, which can be further expanded to 1596 litres by folding away the rear seats.

Lamborghini Urus

The car offers the great level of sound insulation keeping unwanted mechanicals noises away from the cabin. The interiors are made of superior-quality materials consisting of light-weight carbon fiber, wood and aluminium for the trim bits, along with Alcantara and leather for the car’s upholstery works. In the standard package, customers can choose between two trims: Grigio Octans or Nero Ade. Also, Lamborghini offers five extra optional colours with a variety of double colour options at extra cost.

The dashboard is unmistakably expansive, finished in piano black with brushed aluminium inserts; open-pore wood and carbon fiber are also offered. The infotainment duties are carried out by a centrally mounted TFT digital display with 3D visualization and several customizable settings. The infotainment system is powered and supported by Lamborghini’s Infotainment System III software, with two touchscreens for inputs and readouts. The upper screen is for navigation, music, entertainment, telephony and car info. The lower screen has got keyboard input, handwriting recognition, and controls for the air conditioner and seat heating/cooling. The infotainment system can also be controlled with voice commands.

The car gets an eight-speaker stereo with four-channel sound. There is also an optional Bang & Olufsen system packing 1700 watts, 3D sound, and 21 speakers.

The Urus comes strapped with a keyless start and seven profiles programmed for seating position, drive modes and infotainment settings to ensure that the drivers are at home the moment they are inside and select their profile. The boot door can be automatically opened with the hands-free rear-kick detection system. Also, to make the loading and unloading easier, the ride height can be automatically lowered.

Engine and Performance

The heart of the matter is a front-mounted 4.0 litre V8 gasoline-powered engine which dispenses 650hp @ 6000 rpm and a jaw-dropping 850 Nm peak torque at a lazy 2250 rpm. The redline is set at 6800 rpm. A quick math tells you it translates to 162.7hp/ litre which Lamborghini claims to be the highest specific output for its class.

This car touches triple digits on the odometer in just 3.6 seconds, while  200 kmph is achieved in 12.8 seconds. Top speed is a rated 305 kph making Urus the fastest SUV in the whole world.

The car has an air of alacrity from the word go and builds up speed fast and easy. The motor sounds like a cultured beast with a deep thrum. Also, the car starts sound exciting with aggressive throttle inputs.

The drivers can choose from a lineup of drive modes via the “Tamburo”;Tamburo is the Urus “driving dynamic controller which offers a selection of sound and driving feel changes.

Urus drive modes:

  • Strada (street)
  • Sport
  • Corsa (track)
  • Terra (dirt)
  • Sabbia (sand)
  • Neve (snow)

Playing with these various drive modes you can drive the Urus over various kinds of terrain with ease. Also, you can choose to drive it like a daily-commuter as well as can turn it into a terrain scorcher.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with electro-hydraulically controlled planetary box, slip-controlled converter lock-up clutch, and a unique torque converter to help sharpen overall engine response.

The gearbox feeds power into a newly developed Lamborghini 4-WD setup, offering all-weather abilities and Torsen central self-locking differential well-suited for the rigors of off-road driving.

Ride and Handling

The Urus rides on 21-inch alloy wheels in India (Front: 285/45 ZR21, Rear: 315/40 ZR21). The alloys are shod with sticky Pirelli P-Zero rubber offering fantastic grip. The car’s superb handling round the corners can surprise you, considering the weight and ride height. The car has very limited body roll even when pushed at serious speeds into even the tightest of corners and twisties.

The Urus may not have the off-road capabilities of some of the true-blue off-roaders; however, it could successfully traverse thru some rough patches with ease, remember that it has got an ultra-impressive 850Nm torque on tap. Various drive modes electronically alter the suspension set up to suit the driver’s needs.

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No compromise here as well!

The Urus comes with eight airbags to keep the passengers safe in case of a collision/accident. The car is equipped with latest safety and driving tech systems that can be tailored to different customer/driver needs. There are three Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) packages: Urban road, Full ADAS and Highway. They contain many novel, innovative, and intelligent assistance and safety systems to suit individual driver preferences.

The car offers superior braking performance with 10 piston brake calipers at the front and six piston brake calipers at the rear with carbon-ceramic brake pads.

Lamborghini Urus Verdict And Rating

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