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Mahindra XUV 500 vs Tata Hexa vs Hyundai Creta

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The Mahindra XUV500 has arrived, straight from a facelift – and this time around, it's been a noteworthy one. Other than allowing the husky SUV a revamped face and back, the most recent refresh has additionally made it all the more capable, somewhat plusher and considerably more component stuffed than it was previously. In the event that you are in the market for a Mahindra XUV500, you are certain to have thought about to the Hyundai Creta and Tata's Hexa, as well. Indeed, they are very unique in size and details however they are the nearest models you could get in a similar value section as the Mahindra XUV500. So how about we dig somewhat more profound and perceive how the trio think about.

Mahindra XUV 500 vs Tata Hexa vs Hyundai Creta


Before we discuss what they look like, it's vital to see how they are assembled. While the Mahindra XUV500 and Hyundai Creta utilize an auto like monocoque development, the Tata Hexa is based on a hardier body-on-outline skeleton.

Without a doubt, everybody will have their own particular assessment on how these models look yet it is the XUV500 and Creta which bear the more SUV-like outline. In examination, the Hexa looks more hybrid esque.

As far as size, the Hexa easily exceeds the other two. It's both more extensive and taller than the average sized XUV500 and is likewise the longest, by a major edge. The Tata has the longest wheelbase also, which the inside lodge space makes full utilization of. . With a ground freedom of 200mm, the Hexa additionally stands the tallest – incredible for individuals hoping to go 4x4 romping in their vehicle. Then, the Creta offers 190mm of ground leeway while the XUV's 160mm figure makes it the most minimal.

The stepping stool outline development and greater measurements of the Hexa have likewise made it the heaviest of the parcel, tipping the scales at 2,261kg. The monocoque outline diminishes the heaviness of both, the XUV and the Creta, influencing them to tip the scales at 1,785kg and 1,350kg, separately.

Mahindra has fitted the new XUV with bigger 18-inch wheels shod in 235/65 profile tires – despite the fact that these are just accessible in the best spec, W11 (O) variation. The various variations get 17-inchers wearing 235/60 profile tires. The best XT variation of the Hexa gets 19-inch composites shod in 235/55 profile tires, however in a strange turn, the various variations get significantly littler 16-inch edges with 235/70 profile tires. The completely stacked Creta rides on 17-inch wheels wrapped in 215/60 tires and different variations get 16-inchers with 205/65 elastic as standard.


The Hexa has plainly exploited its length and width within, as it offers the best lodge space among the autos in this examination. Other than the lodge space, a critical part of this examination is the seat design. While the XUV comes standard with a seven-situate (5+2) setup over its variations, the Hexa has chief seats on the best two variations – this implies it offers both six-and seven-situate designs. Then again, the Creta is a strict five-seater however an open one at that.

The third-column of the Hexa offers more knee room than the XUV; in any case, you sit knees-up in the back of the Tata. Then again, the XUV's third line offers less knee room yet has a low floor, which gives a superior sitting stance. The Hexa truly emerges with its boot space. With all seats being used, regardless it has 128 liters of baggage space, which can be additionally extended to an astounding 671 litres by collapsing the third-push seats. The XUV truly misses the mark here: its 93-liter boot is barely of any utilization; with all lines up, nonetheless, collapsing the third column will give you access to 405 liters of boot space – which isn't terrible, though considerably less than the Hexa. The Creta here has a better than average 405 liters of boot space, which is sufficiently sufficient to for the five individuals it seats.

The element list is one territory where each of the three autos score similarly. In each of the three, security highlights, for example, double airbags and ABS are standard on the base and mid variations, while the best end has six airbags, ESP and footing control. Discussing infotainment, the Hexa gets a more acoustic JBL-sourced 10-speaker sound framework offered on the Hexa. The framework is gotten to through a 5.0-inch touch screen unit. The other two SUVs are fitted with bigger 7.0-inch touch screens. In addition, the XUV has the upside of a sunroof, electric modify for the driver's seat and a smart watch availability alternative. Despite the fact that the Creta is expected for a facelift not long from now, which additionally carries with it a sunroof and ideally some more highlights.

Regardless of the actualities and estimations, it's the Hexa that truly sparkles within with its common sense complementing its top notch advance. The new XUV500 has delicate touch materials on the dash and the seats likewise get marginally more premium calfskin yet in spite of a similar treatment being seen on the Hexa, the last feels more upmarket and the seats are more comfortable. The Creta, then again, has a slick design, and great form quality, fit and complete; yet feels relatively littler (which it really is). It likewise needs delicate touch plastics on the dashboard as observed on the XUV500.


The main thing that separates these three contenders is what's in the engine. While the XUV500 and Creta are accessible with both oil and the diesel motors, the Hexa is a diesel-just model. The Hexa has a 148hp and 320Nm, 2.2-liter motor on offer, which comes mated to a five-speed manual gearbox – in spite of the fact that we'd suggest the Hexa which is fitted with the 156hp adaptation of a similar motor that produces 400Nm of torque. The XUV is fuelled by a 155hp/360Nm, 2.2-liter, four-chamber, turbocharged diesel engine that has gotten a power knock with this facelift. While this refreshed motor has about a similar power figure, the Tata unit produces a decent 40Nm more torque. The Mahindra and Tata models are additionally offered with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) framework in the best variation however the Hexa is a stage ahead, being furnished with multi-drive modes in the manual variation. The XUV500 and Hexa (mid and top variations) are both offered with the alternative of a six-speed manual or a six-speed programmed gearbox.

The Creta feels like it has a place with a through and through various class when you take a gander at its motor details. Its moderately little 1.6-liter, four-barrel, turbocharged (VGT) diesel process delivers a humble 128hp and 260Nm of torque – however you ought to consider that it measures all of 1,350kg, which levels things in the ability to-weight and torque-to-weight offices. Like the XUV500 and Hexa, this motor is likewise offered either with a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed torque-converter programmed.

As far as oil motors, the 140hp and 320Nm of torque produced by the XUV's 2.2-liter turbocharged engine has the high ground on the Hyundai Creta, whose 1.6-liter motor makes 121hp and 151Nm. In any case, where the petroleum XUV500 just gets the choice of a programmed transmission, the Creta oil is accessible in both manual and programmed appearances.


Which of these three SUVs you pick comes down to what you require. Since there's such a huge contrast in driving elements, capacity and space, every one of these vehicles obliges exceptionally unmistakable arrangements of requirements.

From the value viewpoint, the Creta is the most reasonable of the three yet in addition has the littlest motor and can sit just five. Nonetheless, city tenants may really favour the Creta for its moderately littler size. The XUV is simply marginally less expensive than the Hexa however both the autos have their own particular features. While the XUV has some more highlights, the Hexa's lodge feels more roomy and premium. You do get more alternatives (and additionally more auto) for your cash on the off chance that you go for the XUV500 however to give you a complete decision on which one is better, we'll need to hold up until the point that we can get every one of the contenders together for an undeniable correlation.

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