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Maruti Suzuki Slashes Price of S-Cross

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Maruti S-Cross is an interesting car. Sadly, Maruti couldn’t en-cash the novelty and versatility of this car by slapping it with a high price tag. Core Maruti fans rushed into the new Nexa showrooms to have a look at the car, instead of getting excited they got shell shocked at the price tag. The top-end 320 Alpha was retailing at Rs 13.74 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, reportedly the Nexa salesmen were shy enough to disclose the price of the higher spec Alpha 320 to customers!

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

The Maruti S-Cross pricing put-off the potential customers and instead made Hyundai Creta a more value for money proposition and generated more sales for the Korean manufacturer. A classic example how a good car can fail in the market due to a wrong pricing strategy. Maruti realized the same lately and made a major pricing correction. Maruti-Suzuki has slashed the prices of all S-Cross variants in January 2016 ranging from Rs 50,000 for the 1.3 Liter variants to Rs 2,00,000 for the larger 1.6 Liter variants.

Variant Maruti-Suzuki-S Cross prices (Ex-showroom Delhi) Rs Lakhs
  New Old Difference
DDis 200
Sigma 7.79 8.34 0.55
Delta 8.49 9.15 0.66
Zeta 9.59 9.99 0.4
Alpha 10.29 10.75 0.46
DDis 320
Delta 9.94 11.99 2.05
Zeta 10.94 12.99 2.05
Alpha 11.69 13.74 2.05

The massive cut, especially in the larger 1.6 Liter, has made S-cross all of a sudden a great value for money car. Also, with this price tag S-Cross the 1.3 Liter S-Cross has become a viable alternative for a premium hatchback.

Let us compare how the S-Cross fares against the competition with the new price tag: S-Cross 200 DDis Vs Premium Hatchbacks.

We have considered the Zeta variant for comparing it with the higher end variants of the popular premium hatchbacks.

Model + Make + Variant Maruti S-Cross Zeta DDis 200 Hyundai Elite i20 Asta (O) CRDi VW Polo GT Tdi Maruti Baleno Zeta 1.3 DDis
Price (Ex-Showroom Delhi, Rs Lakhs) 9.59 8.3 8.58 7.46

At this price, Maruti offers a significantly bigger car than any hatchback in the country. S-Cross becomes a good lateral upgrade for existing Swift owners.

Increases the footfall for Nexa showrooms and more importantly, this will also result in more Baleno sales.

S-Cross 320 DDis Vs Compact SUVs

We have considered the higher end Alpha variant with the higher end variant of the compact SUVs.

Considerably cheaper than all the compact SUVs and price comparable to the much smaller Eco-Sport.

The price difference of Rs 2.11 Lakhs from Creta, this will allure many potential Creta buyers to the S-Cross.

S-Cross is the best handler in the segment.

S-Cross has an 116 bhp engine which is more powerful than all the cars in this segment except the Creta 1.6 Liter which generates a higher 126 bhp.With this much-needed price cut, all of a Maruti has rekindled the interest for S-Cross among the Indian customers. IBB says, if you are in for a car in Rs 10 lakhs range, whatsoever your preference may be, drop in at the nearest Nexa showroom and test drive an S-Cross.

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