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Maybach to bring in new techs

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Maybach boss architect Jurgen Weissinger has said that the up and coming Mercedes-Maybach models will have a "next-level" suspension framework which will be a propelled adaptation of Mercedes' current Magic Body Control set-up. He says that one of the framework's key components is another camera framework so that “we have better information from rough roads so that drivers can slide over the road”.

Maybach to bring in new techs

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The up and coming age of Maybach models may likewise include another drive program which is gone for escorts. “We’re making a special drive programme, which means the gear changes don’t happen too often so that the chauffeur can drive in a very comfortable, luxury way. This works without gearshifts and with maximum torque” said Weissinger.

These highlights are first anticipated that would show up on the pending Maybach GLS, due to be uncovered at the Los Angeles engine appear in November. Then, the Maybach boss architect said that the Vision Ultimate Luxury idea appeared at Beijing could make generation in the event that it gets a decent reaction.

While discussing the Vision Ultimate Luxury idea's electric engine set-up, Weissinger said that Maybach is examining how it could acquire electric power into its models the following 5-10 years. He refered to authors Karl and Wilhelm Maybach and their 1923 half-programmed gearbox – evidence that the brand remains for inventive, cutting edge autos.  “We have to look at electric-powered cars,” he said. “But we have the 12-cylinder and it’s a very luxury, smooth motor. People want it; but if you speak to innovative Maybach customers, they are also interested in what the future looks like. We have to check out how to bring high-tech electric cars into that future.”

A portion of Maybach's opponents, (for example, Lagonda) are concentrating on electric models however Weissinger considers half and halves to be a "long bridge" innovation for Maybach. “You could have a 12-cylinder with a special gearbox with an electric motor on it,” he said. “There are a lot of possibilities to make the right combination between a big engine and [electric] motor.”

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