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Mercedes Amg Project Planning To Build A Hypercar In UK

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Mercedes AMG Project one hypercar has made a stunning eye catching look in the Frankfurt Auto show last year and has also been highly popular in the New York international autoshow. As from the recent news from the company’s boss Tobias Moers, the Mercedes AMG project one hypercarsi to be launched and most likely to be happening in Britain in the company’s formula 1 base. The Brixworth base in Britain would be producing the engine for the all new Mercedes AMG Project one hypercar as it literally makes sense into letting the professional company handle the engine since the engine to be made is very complicated in the first place. Already the requests for the Mercedes AMG Project one hypercar have reached 1000, but the company has mentioned to produce only 275 unites beforehand.

Mercedes Amg Project Planning To Build A Hypercar In Uk

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The high performance hybrid driving system of the Mercedes AMG Project one comes directly from the bases of formula 1 and is also been produced with the help of Mercedes AMG High performance powertrains. This concept is totally different from other normal as well as super cars since it consists one hybrid turbo charged combustion engine along with four electrically charged motors. The 1.6 litre variant of the car comes with an assistance from the electrically charged turbo engines which is totally the concept of Mercedes AMG petronas formula 1 racing car. The engine is located in the middle of the car. It could easily attain the speed of 11000 RPM, bt remains significantly below the Formula 1 engine speed limit. Out of the 275 units which are to be launched by the company in the coming months, they have already been pre booked and sold to various buyers and car fans.

Along with all the above facts mentioned about this hypercar, the engine is most likely to produce 1000 bhp and can also gain the speed of 100 kmph in no less than 6 seconds. The top speed of the all new Mercedes AMG project one hypercar is said to be 350 kmph. If the mentioned speed limits and the various numbers remain true once the car comes into light in real life, then the project one withholds the capacity of beating Nurburgrings record of 6 minutes and 1 seconds.

The Mercedes AMG project one hypercar is said to be one of the limited edition hypercars which is to be produced and is said to be competing against aston martin’s Valkyrie. The cars will soon be tested for their performance, stability and durability in the Mercedes Benz testing grounds and racing ground when the times would seem right.

The exterior of the car has a concept of being made for aerodynamic, a concept which is very much popular with different Formula 1 racing cars.

The interior of this hypercar is most likely to be made light weight in order to keep the concept of the formula cars in the streets.

The transmission of the car would be an automatic single clutch variant.

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