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Mercedes on high voltage - Investing millions on electric car

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German Giant Mercedes Benz and Hambach have joined hands to produce the first electric Mercedes Benz in France. The head of Mercedes Benz Dieter Zetsche is proud to invest in France after 20 years and that also with a good motive of saving nature. The initiative of a brand like Mercedes to invest in an electric transport will be the best example for promoting the use of e vehicles.

Mercedes on high voltage: Investing millions on electric car

Mercedes Benz will invest 500 million in the Hambach plant that will be used for a number of purposes. The Hambach plant has a great history of producing world class electric cars and aid from Mercedes Benz will greatly boost its production. This is not the first time that Mercedes and Hambach have joined hands; previously they co worked in SMART.

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Mercedes wants to stress on the production of electric cars. It is assumed to launch at least yen models by the next decade with a share of 15 to 25% of the whole production. The brand SMART will only launch electric models from 2020. This will probably change the fate of fossil fuel worldwide in few years.

The electric Mercedes will feature the perfection of Mercedes and the genius of Hambach. It will have a completely different and advanced built from other models. This project will be historical, as first time in the century Mercedes Benz will be produced out of Germany. The electric cars will be available in every model of Mercedes. This initiative is a grand affair for both France and the future of e-vehicles.

The increasing concern about environment at times gets buried under expensive launches by companies like Mercedes. A car lover will always cherish the luxury of a Mercedes over any eco-friendly concern. When Mercedes itself invests in a project like this, there is no doubt left that cutting off fossil fuel is no longer an option but the only way left.

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