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Michelin on the verge of completing 100% manufacturing of recycled tyres

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It is indeed a dream or to be more precise, an ambition for Michelin to complete 100% manufacturing of recycled tyres by 2048. Recent research says that the recovery rate for tyres is about 70% and recycling rate is 50%. This is, in fact, alarming. This is a great threat to the environment and Michelin is working on it with utmost sincerity. Michelin tires are currently made using 28 percent sustainable materials and 2 percent recycled materials. Hence, it is quite understandable that it will be time consuming to get the 100% target fulfilled but it is not an impossible task either.

Michelin on the verge of completing 100% manufacturing of recycled tyres

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The company is mainly investing in high technology recycling technologies for creating a sustainable future through these tyres. This is indeed a good and bold step taken by the company and the task is hard to achieve but they have already targeted to accomplish it by 2048. The company invests a huge sum of money every year for different researches and has already started a broader research with a group of efficient engineers and has also commenced an R&D facility in India also. Michelin is developing innovative solutions today in order to integrate more and more recycled and renewable materials in its tires, while continuing to improve performance, including 30 percent of recycled materials by 2048.

The innovative ideas or rather solutions talk so prominently about the future. This step was indeed necessary to save the environment by using recycled tyres. The 30% of recycled materials and the performance had a recent demonstration. The demonstration showed how high technology based micro powder can be used for the manufacturing of the recycled tyres and that had created a great impact. The company has always promoted its visionary concept and the vision can take the future by storm by the 100% recycled tyre manufacturing.

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