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Mission E Cross Turismo – the latest Porsche

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The concept of Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, 2018. It is an all-electric estate car which is the first EV Model from Porsche. When compared to the regular Mission E Cross, this electric version stands taller and has wheel surrounds that are bolder and more prominent. Furthermore, it has a larger boot and also has off-road capabilities.

Mission E Cross Turismo


The Mission E Cross can go from 0-100kmph in an astounding 3.5 seconds, 200kph in under 12 seconds and has a top speed of 250kph which is mighty fast. With remembering back again that this car runs only with the help of electric power, in addition to the speed numbers are those which define how far this car can go after being charged for different time durations. This car has a range of 100 kilometers on a four minute charge, a 400 kilometers range on a 15 minute charge and 500 kilometer range on a full charge.

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This car has two electric motors, one on each axle which is capable of producing a combined horsepower of 600. This power is drawn from lithium ion batteries mounted on the floor. This car also supports all wheel drive and the front wheels are mainly for acceleration and handling whereas the rest is mostly supported by the rear wheels.

Exterior Design

The Mission E Cross has a sporty roofline that slopes as it reaches the rear. This design is called ‘flyline’ by Porsche. This car is a four door opener with four seaters which have ample of room inside for comfortable seating or even carrying some equipment when going for any outdoor activity. The front of the car has a strong resemblance and shows its relationship with the Porsche 911 sports car. It also has vertical air inlets which are distinctly designed and placed at the front of the car to keep outlook classy.

The LED matrix headlights are all about style and are a great evolution from Porsche’s previous headlight designs. The side door sills are also a neat design inclusion which gives an off road appearance to the car along with its 20 inch wheels. Porsche has done a great job with the design of the Mission E Cross but has also kept certain design features which its brand is known for. Like the light grey metallic paintwork at the rear.

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Interior Design

The interior has been influenced by the enhancements of technology and the digital age. The dashboard is wing shaped and has an upper and lower part. The panel for information of instruments has an extra wide display which is clearly visible by the driver and the front passenger. The driver also has 3 other screens angling towards him or her which are circular and digital. The interior features majority of lightweight material and structures. This can be found on the seats as well as the instrument screens.

Suitable for all mobility needs

The Mission E Cross Turismo is smartly built and is suitable for travelling, everyday life, and adventure. It is suitable for being driven in the city or in the country side. The car is spacious and Porsche have been able to create that extra space because the electric setup of the vehicle allows for the cabin to be bigger than one of a regular vehicle. Furthermore, each backrest of each seat in the rear of the car has a load through facility which is useful when wanted to accommodate long equipment such as skis or any other.

The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is a smartly designed vehicle with an attractive and Porsche like design and other features that extend its usage for multiple audiences.

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