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More power for Daimler’s longest bus in India

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Daimler Buses India has exhibited a strong and steady growth in 2017, recording a domestic sales figure of 906 units as compared to 501 units in 2016. This growth of 80% is all the more commendable since there has been a significant drop of the total bus market in India. Currently, the company not only builds buses but also chassis in India at its Chennai plant. It caters to 3 distinct and growing segments- 9, 16 and 24-tonne. Bus chassis for the 9 and 16-tonne segments are also exported to markets in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

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More power for Daimler’s longest bus in India


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On June 5th, 2018, the company presented the new-generation of its flagship product, the Mercedes Benz 2441 SHD (Super High Deck) Automatic coach. Raising the car further in this segment, this offering replaces the 2436, launched a year ago. At 15 metres, the 2441 SHD is the longest luxury coach available in this segment and now it promises more power and comfort. The OM457 LA develops 402 bhp, close to 50 horse more than before. It also promises automatic transmission which has been sourced from ZF to make things easier for the driver and ensure a smoother ride for the passengers.

The Mercedes Benz 2441 SHD Automatic luxury coach is here to impress with its high seating capacity of up to 59 pushback seats and 14 cubic metres of luggage space. It boasts a unique aluminium body, and thanks to the extensive use of aluminium, it is the lightest vehicle in its class. Further, it gets an active steerable tag axle, a low turning circle diameter that facilitates effortless navigation in sharp turns and bends. It is also equipped with an advanced braking system and a strategically positioned fuel tank that adds to the safety factor.

According to Mr. Thomas Fricke, Managing Director Daimler Buses India, with the Indian bus market evolving continually, the company is leading the shift with products that satisfy global standards, both in terms of performance and safety. The company delivers superior technology through its offerings, and aims to set the benchmark when it comes to total cost of ownership, safety and comfort.

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