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New generation Mercedes AMG A 35 Hot Hatch spotted testing

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So you have rich taste on everything and you want some sober look in your car then there are some companies where you will get everything, the sober look and also if you want maintain your status and Mercedes is one of those companies. People prefer this company because the quality of products they use in their cars and the best part about their cars are you will feel very comfortable in the Mercedes cars.

New generation Mercedes AMG A 35 Hot Hatch spotted testing

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From ages people are preferring Mercedes cars because the legacy and royal it has. So if you are interested in buying Mercedes cars then you should wait for second half of this year because a new beast is coming in the world market and it is launched by the Stuttgart based company.

Mercedes A series cars got many appreciation over the years because it is the mixture of comfort, speed, safety and class. The design of these cars are very classy and the interiors of these cars are very comfortable. The beauty starts when you get to see the front of the A series cars and the smoothness of these cars will give you several faints. When you are riding these beast you will get amazed by its smoothness when the car is on the road.

So if you want to avail all of the above mentioned advantages then you should buy this particular A series cars and the price is also not too much expensive. The price of A class Mercedes cars starts from 31 lakhs and which is not too much expensive if you see the advantages that you are getting from the cars.

So here we are talking about A class Mercedes cars and Mercedes is going to launch a new model which has top specs and that is Mercedes A 45 and before that they will launch another car which is a prequel of A 45 but it has low specifications and that is the reason the price of A 35 is not that much of A 45.

However, if you think the low specification means low comfort then you are going to make one of the biggest mistakes of your life. So, do not have this type of wrong thoughts in your brain and instead of that have a dream to seat in the front seat holding the steering and then make your dream come true in the end of this year by buying a brand new Mercedes A 35.

In Prague Mercedes had some test drives for A 35 and you will get to see a lot of images of this particular model. You can understand the car color by seeing the door handle color and roof color. Mercedes A 35 has 2.0 turbocharged four cylinder engine which is aimed to have around 300 bhp. So you are getting a lot of speed on those four wide multi spoke alloy wheels. So, this car is a beast and you should buy this one to feel the legacy of Mercedes.

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