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New Hope For Visually Impaired, Feel The View With Ford

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Ford’s investment into alternative technology was boosted up recently, as steps being taken to promote new efficiency-boosting measures rolled out across the business. Ford is releasing a sum of $11.5 billion (about Rs 768.03 billion) from current activities to make funds available for the enhancement of new propulsion systems and other alternative technologies. Part of the carmaker's cost-adjustment process will result in the removal of all fiestas and sedans from the US line-up by 2020

New Hope For Visually Impaired, Feel The View With Ford

Ford has come up with some smart cabin technology in the least expected place you thought would benefit from it -- the windows. This technology is called "Feel The View," and it makes use of vibrations in a vehicle's side glass to provide the visually impaired a 'view' of the exterior.

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The technology was introduced by Ford's Italian division in collaboration with tech start-up Aedo. It transforms a visual image into vibrations of various intensities so that a blind or partially blind person can feel the landscape and enjoy the drive better.

Manufactured by Ford in a joint effort with Aedo (a startup that makes items for the weak sighted), and organization GTB Roma, this exceptional gadget utilizes an inherent outside confronting camera which changes the picture of the scene into a highly contrasting picture.

Those different shades of dark are then changed over into vibrations of fluctuating force that a man can feel utilizing his/her finger on the window itself, giving a nearly Braille-like perspective of the outer scene.

As the shades of gray are constantly varying the image is then projected by a vibration of varying intensities, a total of 255l. As of now this technology is only presented as a concepted but shows great promise in the development of technology and for the people who are weak sighted. A further development of this technology can allow the visually impaired to gain and enjoy a better experience when being seated in a vehicle.

“We seek to make people’s lives better and this was a fantastic opportunity to help blind passengers experience a great aspect of driving,” said a Ford spokesman. “The technology is advanced, but the concept is simple – and could turn mundane journeys into truly memorable ones”.

In addition to the tactile feedback, Feel The View combines a vocal assistant inserted into the vehicle's audio system through a connected AI system to help add description to the image for blind or partially sighted passengers, so that they know whether they're looking at a mountain range, skyscrapers, and so on.

At present, this system is just a prototype, but further developments in the field of technology -- especially in a future age of autonomous vehicles -- seems boundless. Automakers know they will have to work tirelessly to delight the weak sighted when we speak of automated mobility, and a project like Feel The View could help the blind or in fact give them a better experience of enjoying a ride and have a better idea about their surroundings.

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