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New Nissan EV Leaf Nismo unveiled

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The performance-based Nissan’s Leaf Nismo variant has been unveiled which was showcased last year in October. The Leaf Nissan variant of the car is based on the second-generation motor which was published in September 2018 worldwide.

The power of the car is based on the 40kWh battery package which is sent to the synchronous electric motor of this EV. A custom tuning computer has been fitted to the car also for better performance. The car can travel 0-100 kph in 7.9 seconds. The car is from the Electric Vehicle range of the company.

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New Nissan EV Leaf Nismo unveiled

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Advanced technologies like the e-panels, Propilot, Propilot Park are the special features of the car for autonomous driving in this Leaf range.

The characteristic double layered wings of the Nismo helps it to improve downforce by decreasing the drag efficient. The performance of the car is more enhanced with the help of the low centre of gravity. The 18-inch alloy wheels also help in performing as it decreases air resistance. The car gives a very comfortable ride as the alloy wheels are shod with Continental ContiSportContact 5 tyres. It helps the car to balance in any tough conditions on the road. The car also has an electric control stability for a better balance of the car in rough roads. The car has custom tuned electric power steering which helps the car to maintain balance at high speeds.

In Japan the colour options for this Leaf Nismo variant are huge. They are offering 9 colours to choose from. Some of the colours include Nismo’s custom Brilliant silver, dual-toned Super black, and the dark metal Grey. The features of the Nisan’s Leaf Nismo has accents of red in its cabin. Carbon-fibre-like-finish is given to the dashboard of the car and gun-metal chrome styling is given to the electronic shift of the car.

The aim of the company Nissan is to sell a million of the Electric Vehicles which will include the new Nissan Leaf Nismo worldwide by 2022.

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