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Next generation Mercedes Benz B-class spotted in road testing

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What is the B-class?

Mercedes Benz B-class is a facelifted version of the Mercedes Benz which started the grand movement of luxury sedans in India. This is one of the premier MPV line produced by the German Automobile makers, Mercedes-Benz, since 2005. In 2005 it was introduced in the spring in Europe and in Canada in the autumn. The B-Class has a distinctive two-box design pattern: one box for the drivetrain and another the passenger and luggage compartments.

Next generation Mercedes Benz B-class

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The basic structure of B-class: -

  • The B-Class obtains much of its large interior volume through the height of it, which is a configuration that makes the most of the vehicle’s footprint. This vehicle was evolved from the even smaller A-Class; hence it did retain that sandwich floor concept of it. In 2011 Mercedes-Benz did a world tour with three of its Mercedes-Benz F-Cellvehicles, one of which was the B-Class. The hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle was driven more than 30,000 kilometres in a circumnavigation of the globe, starting and ending in Stuttgart.
  • The first-generation B-class didn’t come to India. The B-class came to India in 2015, which was the second generation of this particular line. Recently the new third generation of the Mercedes Benz B-class was found on the roads on its road tests. Not a lot was visible though regarding the exterior and interior of the car but some specs were captured as well.

Modification and specs that the upcoming B-class could have: -

The new images that were found online reveals a a heavily camouflaged vehicle and which is speculated to be still the initial phases of research and development. It was speculated due to the lack of production parts on the vehicle. Among the few noticeable details we can assume that the new B-Class will have a larger panoramic sunroof, a sharper-looking silhouette due to some design changes in the exterior making the body of the car look sleek and simple and not bulky. A set of brand new multi-spoke alloy wheels were also observed from the pictures obtained.

Why is there a reason to think about?

  • Now, Mercedes is probably working on the projects at this time, which are the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLB compact SUV, and the new B-Class which is at pretty primary stage of considerations, modifications and developments. This might seem a little bit odd, regarding making a huge change to a popular line but there is still a great deal of demand for compact MPV in the European market and probably Mercedes, does want to give a new look to this line of cars for better marketing as well as better performance purpose.
  • But the B-Class is for those buyers who really like the brand of Mercedes because it doesn’t come cheap and it is almost close to the price point of the A-class, so the market for the B-class is quite limited. Hence, it is probably a good idea to make certain modifications which can bring uniqueness into the model. All this being said, the next-gen Mercedes-Benz B-Class is also expected to be based on the MFA2 platform and is likely to borrow a bunch of styling cues from the different models of the Mercedes line of cars. The new B-Class still don’t have the Mercedes-signature headlamps and taillamps and the same thing is applicable for the front grille, and the bumpers as well. Only time will tell the exact specifications and additions which this uplifted version will have.

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