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Nissan looking for expansion by 2022

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Nissan is now using its opportunity to grow and expand wide. It will now extend its dealings and sales in Africa, Middle East and India. Nissan has come up with a 6 year mid term plan named Nissan M.O.V.E and this plan will outline the company’s operations as well as its growth till the year 2022. The company predicts that its sales would surge to over 12 million vehicles a year by the time it reaches 2022. This is the company’s estimate so far. And this estimate is based on the company’s vision to expand itself to different parts of the world. As a part of the company’s plan the M.O.V.E, Nissan will extend itself to Pakistan, Nigeria among many others. The idea also includes establishing Datsun as a big name in new and old markets as well. Nissan will expand in different countries of the world such as India, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. However, in India, Nissan wants Datsun to have a bigger role with respect to sale numbers. The company aims at increasing both Nissan and Datsun dealers throughout the world especially in India. The company presently stands at 272 sales points in India across 220 cities. The Renault-Nissan Alliance India plant that is located in Chennai has an annual capcity of 4.8 lacs. Nissan aims to increase that as well if demand for vehicles surge.

New SUV from Nissan will be launched in India in 2019

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Nissan plans to expand in the Middle East by increasing its sales in the fleet segment along with improvement of dealership facilities in some gulf countries. By the year 2022, Nissan plans to electrify a number of vehicles in the Middle East.

In Africa, the company’s targets would include - South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt. The company is starting setting up facilities for car manufacturing in sub – Saharan Africa as well. South African is in fact one of the largest markets for Nissan cars in whole of Africa.

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