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Petrol Price in Mumbai Reaches The Highest Figure in The Past 55 Months

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Fuel prices are always fluctuating all over the world. Car users in Mumbai will however be faced with disappointment courtesy the recent hike in petrol prices. In fact the petrol price has hit the highest figure of Rs 81.96 for a litre in the past 55 months. The previous highest was back in 2014 when the petrol price was Rs 82.07 per litre. However the highest figure attained up until now is Rs 83.62 per litre as recorded on September 14, 2013.

Petrol Price

Petrol prices never fell below Rs 65 in the past few years with the last lowest being Rs 62.75 a litre on March 10, 2016. The price has been on a gradual increase all throughout 2017 from Rs 76.91 a litre to Rs 77.87 a litre and reaching the highest on October 3, 2017 at Rs 79.99 a litre.

Diesel users are not enjoying too much of a privilege either with diesel costing about Rs 69.50 a litre which is the highest recorded amount till date. The prices have seen reduced below Rs 55 per litre since August 16, 2016 when it was last Rs 55.64 a litre. The diesel prices too have increased steadily all throughout 2017 with Rs 58.19 a litre being the lowest and Rs 64.89 a litre being the highest.

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