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Porsche, Tesla and Maserati to Battle for Best Sports Car Spot

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It is time for sports car lovers to rejoice as the top sports car brands battle it out. Maserati has revealed that they will launch the all new Alfieri sports car by 2022. Though there is still some time for the glamorous car to make its debut, anticipations are running high. In fact, comparisons with the leading sports car makers in the likes of Porsche and Tesla are doing the rounds.

Porsche, Tesla and Maserati to Battle for Best Sports Car Spot

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Tim Kuniskis, Head of Maserati, has announced that their new sports car will take on Porsche and Tesla. Tim Kuniskis showed this confidence in their yet to be launched sports car at the Capital Markets Day Speech. The Capital Markets Day Speech was for FCA which happens to be the parent company of Maserati along with many other top notch car brands.     

This new sports car by Maserati will be available in both coupe and cabriolet models. It will also be available in an electric version. It is needless to say that the car will have state of the art specifications which will make it a tough competitor to beat. It will get a completely modular chassis and the sports car will be built on an aluminium space frame.

They had earlier planned a V8 engine for this glowing halo car, but emissions norms forced them to choose a 3.0 litre Ferrari built. The electric model of this sports car will directly challenge the Tesla Model S with its similar 800 V battery technology. Now that means this car will have the capacity to shoot up to 100 kmph from 0, only in a matter of 2 seconds.

Along with the Alfieri sports car, Maserati will have a completely revised car portfolio. It is planning 4 full electric vehicles and 8 plug-in hybrids, and much more.  

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