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Prices of Petrol and Diesel has increased nation wide

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Fuel costs have been climbed once more with petroleum costs climbed by 15 paise on Wednesday in Delhi and Mumbai, with costs hitting Rs 75.10 for each litre of oil in Delhi, and oil costing Rs 82.94 for each litre in Mumbai. A litre of diesel in Delhi will now cost Rs 66.57, while in Mumbai, one litre of diesel presently costs Rs 70.88. Fuel costs were last climbed 19 days prior and the considerable climb is probably going to squeeze workers over the nation.

Prices of Petrol and Diesel has increased nation wide

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Fuel costs are dictated by two essential elements - worldwide unrefined petroleum costs and the rupee-dollar forex rate. With rough touching $79.47 a barrel, and the rupee down more than 6 for each penny to right around 68 against the dollar, fuel costs will undoubtedly be influenced. Be that as it may, fuel costs stayed unaltered for 19 days before the Karnataka decisions, and state-possessed oil organizations are assessed to have lost around Rs 500 crore as they consumed the higher cost because of the ascent in global unrefined costs and in addition the fall in rupee against the US dollar amid the period.

Current Fuel Prices In Major Cities:

  • Delhi: Rs 75.10 (per litre of oil), Rs 66.57 (per litre of diesel)
  • Mumbai: Rs 82.94 (per litre of oil), Rs 70.88 (per litre of diesel)
  • Bengaluru: Rs 76.31 (per litre of oil), Rs 67.71 (per litre of diesel)
  • Chennai: Rs 77.93 (per litre of oil), Rs 70.25 (per litre of diesel)
  • Hyderabad: Rs 79.55 (per litre of oil), Rs 72.36 (per litre of diesel)
  • Kolkata: Rs 77.79 (per litre of oil), Rs 69.11 (per litre of diesel)

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