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Safeguard Yourself In A Bullet And Bomb Proof Skoda Superb Estate Costs

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The bullet and bomb-proof cars are a rage among political leaders and other influential business owners. Your safety comes first when you drive a car. With ever-growing terrorism around the world, it is better to be on the safer side by rolling the wheels of your car which can protect you from sudden terrorist attack. If you are planning to get a new expensive car, then you should have a bullet and bomb-proof car designed by Skoda.

Safeguard Yourself In A Bullet And Bomb Proof Skoda Superb Estate Costs

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The renowned car manufacturers Skoda has been widely recognized for manufacturing high-end, strongly built and reliable cars which provide optimum level of safety to the vehicle owners. After rigorous testing and several plannings in the development of their vehicles, Skoda has decided to inculcate bomb-and bullet-proof mechanism in their Superb Estate. This super safety car is a joint venture of a UK-based convertor and Skoda. The recent model of the Superb Estate offers a bullet and blast resistant quality to its car owners. How much you will have to pay for this vehicle? The price of the Skoda Superb Estate is around Rs. 1.06 crore. It has been noted that some Governors of India have added this swanky armoured car in their list of vehicles.

The Superb Estate is geared with the passenger cell which can fulfil the requirements of PSA 300 and is capable to resist bombs and bullets. This car has passed the test of blast-related threats. This vehicle will not have any effects of ammunition and explosions.

The Superb Estate will help you drive at the highest speed. The braking systems have been modified and enhanced, so that it can bear the excessive weight of the vehicle. A special feature of this car is that if the tyres get blown out, still you will be able to drive the vehicle with ease. No harm will be happening to the driver and passengers. On an emergency situation, the car will flash emergency lights and release the sounds of siren. Other features are Apple Car Play, Android Auto Function and GPS which elevate the quality of the car.

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