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A sneak peek into the latest version of Volkswagen T-Cross

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When you visit car showrooms, your eyes look for branded cars which are displayed in the showroom. Of all branded cars, the vehicles of Volkswagen always top the chart of automobiles all over the world. The unique designs and features of the cars of Volkswagen capture interest of several vehicle enthusiasts. If you are a fan of Volkswagen cars, then here is good news for you. A new version of Volkswagen car is about to be displayed soon in the international market. Let us know about this new swanky model of the Volkswagen car.

A sneak peek into the latest version of Volkswagen T-Cross

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The name Volkswagen does not need an introduction. It is a famous brand in the automobile industry. The German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, will be launching their new T-Cross in the later period of this year. The T-Cross looks more or less like the Volkswagen Polo. The report says that the T-Cross Volkswagen has been found to be testing in some location of Austria. The design of T-Cross will resemble the Volkswagen T-Roc SUV. In 2016, the T-Cross Breeze concept had been displayed in the Geneva Motor show. As pewr the spy images, the T-Cross Volkswagen has been tweaked a little in terms of design and the production process.

The dimension of T-Cross will be like the ne Golf. T-Cross will be a challenging vehicle for the Hyundai Creta, Renaut Duster, Jeep Renegade and Ford EcoSport. The angular headlights are the attractive features of T-Cross Volkswagen. The shape of the car is boxy with a chiselled body and a C-pillar at the rear front of the vehicle. The vehicle will also have a contrasting roof.

The T-Cross is said to have a turbocharged engine with three cylinders in it. The car will provide its drivers a front wheel drive option and the top-end model of the car will provide all-wheel drive option. The car enthusiasts may get overwhelmed to see the hybrid version of T-Cross Volkswagen.

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