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Solo Long Distance Driving – IBB tips

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Driving long distances can be tiring, even for the best drivers on the road. And driving solo is still more difficult. We at IBB gives the best solo long distance driving tips.

Solo Long Distance Driving

  • Sleep

 Get enough sleep the night before the D-day. A good night’s sleep is very much important before a long drive.

  • Fuel for the driver

Have a healthy meal before the drive. This will ensure you have enough energy for the drive. Take regular breaks for tea and food on the way. This will ensure to maintain your energy level and give rest for you. Carry some healthy snacks and lot of water with you. Also, take regular tea backs. However, don’t overeat during the drive.

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  • Drive within your limits

While solo drives, you will be tempted to drive fast. Curb the urge to floor the accelerator pedal. Enjoy the drive, rather than just speeding away. The journey is as good as the destination, enjoy it. This will also aid in conserving fuel.

  • Take regular breaks

It is very important to take regular breaks. Get out of the car and move around a little bit. This will help to stimulate your body and mind.

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  • Keep yourself entertained

Solo long distance drives can make you bored, the initial excitement of a long drive withers of faster than you think. Have some good music, talks, and e-books to keep you entertained. This will also help you to keep you focused on the road.

  • Research the route

Do a basic research on the route you are taking. Also, look for some of the “must-see” destinations on the way.

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  • Emergency Numbers

Display emergency contact numbers in a prominent place inside the car.

  • Ensure the car is in good condition

Unless you enjoy solitude in a desolate space with your broken-down car!

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  • Take power naps

Stop the moment you feel sleepy. Take a power nap, it works.

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