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Some Not-so-good, you have gotten about Car Valuation

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Here’s a couple scenarios presented typically describing different car valuation tips that we may have received over time, some that may not have been helpful or useful to us, and a couple others that were not beneficial, didn’t make sense, wouldn’t have worked and let’s just say they were used valuation advices that were not favorable and in turn, caused more problems. To start off, the below listed scenarios here would lend a hand to give you an idea how we time and again have received car valuation tips or advice that were of no use, didn’t help and worse, was a bad suggestion or even disadvantageous to us.

Scenario 1:

Amit is a first-time car buyer, he drives a two-wheeler, and now he is ready to buy his first car. But he is in a dilemma whether to buy a new or a used car. Also he is thinking of his budget, the type of car, make, model whether to go in for an A or B segment car, what would his EMI be. And he is contemplating, if he should buy a used car, and if so, where should he buy it from, a dealership, online, or print ads, car portals, brokers, friends, neighbors. And the more he looks at options, the more he is confused.

Precise Pricing - Used Car valuation

At this juncture, he meets a neighbor, Ravi and discusses this with him. Ravi in turn, advises him to just seek out car brokers or even visit car garages in the vicinity that retail restored cars. He convinces Amit that car garages and brokers are reliable and also restored cars would work best instead of buying a new car or even visiting dealerships or auto portals to buy a used car. Accordingly, Amit takes his advice, and finds an old, discontinued Fiat car and the garage owner convinces him that it is in good working condition and Amit goes ahead and buys it without even having it inspected or test- driven.

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It is only after that he realized that he had made a big mistake and the vehicle had issues, it was not easy to drive around. Basically, he had bought what was called a lemon, a car that was not in driving condition at all!

And he landed in this situation because he didn’t check, verify and just took a friend’s word for it!

Scenario 2:

Ramesh had just sold his car and was thinking of buying a crossover or an SUV but he didn’t have the budget to go in for a new car, so decided to settle down for a used car instead. He did visit a couple auto portals like IndianBlueBook among others and he referred to the car valuation guide and the unique products listed in there too, just as he was thinking of going ahead, his friend, Ankur, talked him out of using auto portal car valuation guides and instead advised him to visit a neighboring State and buy a secondhand car from there.

He said that the State had a range of used car dealerships and car markets and it was a whole lot cheaper to buy from there and also taxes were lesser too. Without giving it much thought, he took his advice and bought a used car. And a little later, problems surfaced, the vehicle had many issues, was problematic and when he took it to the service center, they advised him that a lot of parts needed immediate replacement and he was told that the vehicle was not maintained well and wasn’t a good buy too. And so an advice like this landed Ramesh in a big soup after all.

Scenario 2:

Sheetal used to drive an entry level car and that served her needs and purpose very well. She was content with her vehicle and had no plans on changing or selling her car at all. But all this changed, when her friend Bina, used to constantly tell her to go in for an upgrade and buy a better make and model and eventually convinced her to sell her car and buy another car. But she didn’t advise her right. She asked her to buy a car from an acquaintance of hers and told her without checking or verifying that the vehicle was in good condition. And trustingly, without checking or even having the vehicle inspected, Sheetal bought the car. But after that, her nightmare started, the car was always giving her trouble. When she took it for a check, the service center advised her that the car was involved in an accident and that it was basically a restored vehicle and it had many issues that she had heeded to wrong advice!

Well, the above scenarios actually list out a couple times or situations, where we heed to another’s advice and without checking or even verifying, we become gullible and land into problems later with the cars we may have bought.

A list of Bad, Poor and not so Helpful Car Valuation Advices we may have gotten over time

And there are many different types of advices or suggestions that we should never heed to.

We should never consider or even listen to advices like:

  1. If a car that was caught in a flood or damaged due to water logging, the parts, the equipments, electronics, and many parts can get damaged, destroyed and corroded too. Though, the damage may not be immediate, gradually the parts will fall apart. And these cars, after they are repaired and resurrected make its way to the used car market without revealing that the cars were under water. And if we were to buy this car without due diligence undertaken, or don’t get the right advice and pick up a water-damaged car, we have made a wrong choice.
  1. Just trusting an acquaintance, or a friend, a car broker or even a car mechanic about the health or condition of a used car is a bad idea. If we were to buy a car purely on the advice of another and not do any check, inspection or verification from our end, verify its ownership history, then that can be construed as bad advice and a host of vehicle problems later on.
  1. Falling for the advice to buy restored or refurbished vehicles from car garages or a local mechanic is common. We assume the car mechanic knows cars very well and so the car would be in good condition or drivable, but it can prove to be your undoing from thereon!
  1. Buying a car without having it inspected, checked, verified and also not checking how many kilometers the car has clocked, and all this because the car belonged to the friend of a friend, or an acquaintance or buying it from a relatively unknown person can lead to major problems with the vehicle later on as we have blindly taken someone’s advice and we pay for it, in terms of repairs and car part replacements.
  1. Heeding to advice that a used car is cheaper in another State and things like, road taxes are lesser, is not an advice ever to be considered on face value because, it comes with its own riders. For one, the place and people are new and also there are no means to verify, check, or evaluate the documents and the vehicle too. And the antecedents of the owner are also not known. Therefore, this is not good car valuation advice ever.

We all receive advices, tips, suggestions, and offers when it comes to buying any car. But when it comes to used cars, its valuation, and advices about the same, there are some that are not ideal or even good enough, and so it is always good to rely on reputed used car dealerships like Mahindra First Choice or even rely on auto portals for reliable used car valuation guides. Because at the end of the day, not all car valuation recommendations or advices are dependable or useful!

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