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Study reveals the high degree of pollution caused by all new Euro 6 diesel cars

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Thanks to a new study, it has come to light that all new Euro 6 compliant vehicles running in Europe has higher count of NOx emissions. On the other hand, the performance of all Euro 6 petrol cars is much better than their diesel counterparts. The Real Urban Emissions Initiative (TRUE) made a public ratings system that reflects real-world emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) measured for over 90% of passenger car registrations in Europe. The rating is done through a simple a simple green/yellow/red (good/moderate/poor) scheme to profile the European vehicle fleet as well as vehicle families and individual vehicle models.

Study reveals the high degree of pollution caused by all new Euro 6 diesel cars

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A partnership of the FIA Foundation, the International Council on Clean Transportation, the Global New Car Assessment Programme, Transport and Environment, and C40 cities, TRUE aims to maintain complete transparency on vehicle emissions and urban air quality. It is the largest collection of data pertaining to the problem of vehicular air pollution in Europe.

The ratings were calculated for approximately 4850 vehicle models, by the Internationals Council on Clean Transportation. Nearly all of these vehicles are designed and built to Euro standards 3-6. This initial data, when further analyzed, offered additional insight into excess NOx emissions in the EU. The report brought to surface that four manufacturer groups had average emissions more than more than 12 times above the Euro 6 diesel type-approval limit, and it is even more alarming to know that the highest-emitting vehicle family has emissions 18 times the limit. However, all the Euro 6 diesel models rated exceeded the Euro 6 diesel NOX emissions limits measured in real-world driving.

The initial set of data consists of samples collected from France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom over the past 10 years. These were pooled together in the CONOX project, funded by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. The data set presently holds 750,000 records. The TRUE ratings were developed from a subset of 375,000 measurements, which excluded trucks and vans and any incomplete measurements.

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