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Style vs.Substance i20 vs Baleno

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Fight for Premium Hatchback Supremacy

Hyundai i20 has been the undisputed king of this segment for quite a long time. And here comes the Baleno. Can it shake 20 off its dominant position?

Hyundai too was closely watching Maruti’s move on Baleno proceedings. This was evident when Hyundai introduced some minor tweaks on the interiors, including a touch screen on top variant just before the Baleno launch.


Baleno Vs i20: Face to Fac

  1. Hyundai i20 remains to be the best-looking car in the segment. Baleno, of course, looks contemporary and has some quirkiness.
  2. In the diesel burner segment, Maruti Baleno’s 74 bhp motor is surprisingly more fun to drive than the more powerful i20.
  3. Hyundai i20 has a more refined gearbox 6 speed transmission than Baleno’s 5 speed transmission.
  4. Baleno has dual airbags and ABS in all the variants, whereas that is not the case for i20.
  5. Baleno is feature loaded with HID lights on the top end Alpha variant, i20 lacks the same.
  6. There is a CVT Automatic transmission option on the Petrol Baleno Delta variant. No automatic variants are there in i20.
  7. Day time running lamps with LED is seen in Baleno while i20 is bereft of the same
  8. While MID available in both the cars. Baleno has a color TFT display with power and torque icons , In comparison, i20 display feels boring comparatively
  9. Baleno has 60:40 split seats in all variants except the base Sigma variant. Split seats are available on Asta and Asta (O) (topmost variants) only.
  10. Baleno is the first car to get Apple CarPlay.



  1. Price Comparison


Maruti has priced the Baleno well below the Hyundai’s flagship premium hatch the i20.

From the above analysis, it’s a no-brainer. Finally, we have a new segment leader in the premium hatchback category on paper , the all-new Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Let us wait for it to prove it on road and see how Hyundai is going to take on the competition 

Exciting days ahead.

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