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Tata - Used Car Valuation

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Tata Motors is India’s largest carmaker by way of value and has had an iconic history in the India since time immemorial. Tata Motors has always endeavored to create high quality and reliable vehicles for the common man and has mostly succeeded in its endeavors. The company has churned out several segment toppers like the Indigo and Indica and even the Tata Nano which was the cheapest car ever manufactured for the country. There are several options available in the used car market in case you are looking to purchase a Tata Motors vehicle.

Tata Car Valuation

Here are some of the used Tata cars you should definitely consider -

Tata Nano- The hot selling Nano is India’s cheapest car and is one of the most pioneering vehicles ever created by the company. It packs in almost anything you would need in a regular hatchback and comes with easy maneuverability and abysmally cheap running and maintenance costs. You can find one for anything between INR 50, 000-1.5 lakhs depending on the model in question. If you’re lucky, you can get the GenX Nano for a little less than the original price.

Tata Indica- Tata Motors’ old workhorse has quite a reputation for no-frills performance, quality and reliability and can be yours for anything between INR 50, 000-2 lakhs depending on the model you wish to purchase.

Tata Indigo eCS- This compact sedan is certainly one of the best cars you can snap up in the used car market. This can be yours for anything between INR 1.5-3 lakhs.

Tata Indigo- The original Indigo wins brownie points on account of its premium styling and decent features. This is rarely found in the market though you might get one for as low as INR 1 lakh or a little more.

Tata Indigo Manza- The Manza is an acronym for style, comfort, drop dead gorgeous looks, abundant features and a lot more. The Manza will give you value for money and premium brand value alike. Expect to find one between INR 3-6 lakhs depending on the model year, condition and other variables.

Tata Safari- The Safari is one of India’s most iconic SUVs and there are several variants that have been launched including the Safari Storme. There are several options out there for anything between INR 2.5-9 lakhs depending on what you end up choosing. This is definitely one of India’s most well recognized and hardy SUVs.

Tata Aria- Tata Motors tried to create a luxury crossover with this feature packed, comfortable, spacious, powerful and super sized car. However, the Aria did not quite sell hugely in the new car market though it is a great choice in the used car market if you are looking for a luxurious yet rugged SUV within INR 7-11 lakhs on an average.

Other vehicles launched by Tata Motors including the Bolt and Zest are comparatively new in the Indian market and may not be readily available in the used car market as of yet. However, you still have plenty of choices going by the above vehicle lineup.

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