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Teaser for the 2019 S60 released by Volvo before its official released

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An all new Volvo is coming to town. In June 20th, the 2019 S60 sedan by Volvo will be revealed at Charleston, South Carolina in USA. The manufacturing of the car will take place in the new Volvo plant. This plant has been constructed especially for this 2019 sedan – the S60. So one can imagine the level of diligence and dedication the company is expending for the car. The official reasons for the construction of this plant exclusive for the S60 include :

  • S60 will be the very first Volvo model which is not going to have a diesel power unit. This is because Volvo has decided to convert all its model ranges to electrically operated ones by the year 2025.
  • This 2019 S60 will be the very first sedan by Volvo to have the state of the art Polestar Engineered" performance package.

Recently the company releases the first teaser of the 2019 S60 to the world.

Teaser for the 2019 S60 released by Volvo before its official released

The front of the car contains the Polester emblem on the front grille.

This 2019 S60, also the ‘Polester Engineered’ S60 will have its rank higher than the T8 Twin Engine R-Design variant of the sedan. Apart from the Polester badge on the front grille, the sedan’s front grille comes inspired from the previous R - Design Trim. The car was planned to have ‘an all red sale’, i.e. it was said to be available only in red. It will see its sale first in the United States and then the sale will move to the European market. Information about the power unit of the S60 known so far says that the Polester package will contain the T8 twin engine which will produce a maximum power of 415 bhp and a peak torque of 670 Nm. More information on the car will be known after its official release.

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