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Tesla Model 3 Performance With Dual Motor Variants Unveiled In The Market

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Everyday you happen to see various high-end luxury cars in the automobile showrooms. A wide number of branded cars have been launched in the market in the last few years. Of all sought-after cars, the electric vehicles of Tesla have been quite successful and appreciated by the vehicle owners. The well-known automobile company, Tesla, has always tried to present unique and high-volume electric cars with a five star safety feature in the market. This time too Tesla is introducing the performance version of Tesla Model 3. Let us know a little more about this high-performance electric car.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance With Dual Motor Variants Unveiled In The Market

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The wait has got finally over when Tesla has unveiled the much-awaited Tesla Model 3 AWD with dual performance variants in the market. The company has decided to bring out 6000 cars in a week by the end of July 2018. The cost of the standard AWD is around $54,000. The cost of the standard AWD is around $78,000. Both these costs will be without autopilot functions. The appearance of Tesla Model 3 AWD will be pretty similar to the standard car, but it has been noticed that there will be some modifications in the performance version. The interior and exterior parts of the vehicle seem to have tweaked a little.

The speed rate of the performance version will be high. The speed is likely to go up to 155 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Upon charging the battery once, you can drive up to 500 kms. On the contrary, the speed rate of the standard all-wheel drive version of Model 3 will be 140mph in 4.5 seconds. You will be able to operate front and rear motors separately.

The size of the wheels of the performance version will be 20 inch along with a high-quality carbon fiber spoiler. There will be white colored interior in the performance version and a tinge of white color on the dashboard which will amplify the interior look as compared to the standard car.

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