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Tesla Model Y tested; it may give a miss to steering wheel

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One of the most talked about launches coming from the electric carmaker, the model Y by Tesla will mark the brand’s entry into the compact crossover segment. Teased at the company’s shareholder meeting, it is basically a smaller version of the existing model X. Besides the fact that Tesla wants to make the model Y a Model-3 size utility vehicle, not much has been revealed about it. The only information available about the car is that it will get falcon wing doors, like in the Model X and will be launched in 2019.

Tesla Model Y tested; it may give a miss to steering wheel

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The new sketch of the car has Tesla presenting an image in a way that does not reveal the doors. Also, interestingly enough, during the meeting, Elon Musk shared that the model Y will not have any leather in it, hinting at the possibility that the car may do away with the steering wheel altogether. Originally, the company had planned to build the Model Y on the same platform as the Model 3, but according to Musk’s announcement an all-new platform has been developed for the Model Y.

If we take into account the popularity of SUVs and compact crossovers in India, the Model Y seems like quite a good idea for this market as well. The Indian automobile market is gearing up to welcome the Kona electric car in 2019 anyway and a majority of the carmakers are toying with the idea of bringing in electric SUVs first, given the global trend. However, Tesla’s foray into the Indian market has stirred a strong buzz and though hopes of the company making its debut in 2017 and then again 2018 were on a high, Musk has repeatedly mentioned that the electric carmaker will come to India when the regulations and time are more conducive.

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