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Top 10 events leading to car purchase

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Have you ever been stuck in traffic or struggled to find a parking space because there are so many cars around? Each one looks bigger or better than the other and you just tend to think how or why do people buy new cars? Well, I mean we all weigh the pros and cons while buying our car the first time around, so why do we always find the newer car is the more suitable one? Is it safer, better, more comfortable or is it just purely for our need for that adrenaline rush, image and status?  All of them seem like legit reasons that motivate people, who decide to buy a new car. But we at IBB, decided to twist those reasons and give you events that push people buy a new car, truck, min-van or SUV.


1) Office promotion

You’ve just landed that fancy office position that you’ve been working all these years for and you’re finally ready to be your best self. You really can’t do it in an old car now. Can you? Nope. These are perks of being higher in the workspace hierarchy.

Humility is awesome when you are at the top of ladder, but there’s no one saying that you can't be humble if you own a car that speaks the same language as your status. Office promotions mean upping your game and that isn't restricted to your office slot. You know what they say – ‘with great name comes great responsibility’.


2) Your work just offered you a bonus payment

The time to reap all the benefits of your hard work is here and it has payed off.

This goes for every one of us, who has worked over time. Missed out on parties, getting home to catch our favourite show or missing your favorite teams play the finals!


3) Gifting it to a dear one

There is always that special moment, when you just want the person you love to have the easiest life in the best car. Whether, you’re giving back to your parents for all they’ve given you or whether your child just graduated, got a job or occasions like milestone birthdays, marriages and anniversaries.

Sharing is caring. But giving is one step ahead. Sure, these days we all can't afford to go about buying a car for all our loved ones but some people are worth the hassle. No one wants to see our near and dear ones roaming in a beat up car that lands them in a garage every month.

4) You deserve it – Marriage

So either you’ve been saving for this particular beauty of a car for a while now or an impromptu celebration has popped up. Either way you deserve this - new you, new car!

Go big or Go Home. You just can't pass up an opportunity to treat yourself to a new car. After all, you've earned it. Marriages most often means compromising on space, but if you has a bigger car. Space wouldn't be an issue leaving you two with plenty of room.


5) Arrival of new born baby in family

We all know the logic behind this one. When the family grows bigger, so does your car and believe us when we say that you’ll need all that extra space.

Getting a baby means more room and a lot more sharing. Taking care of your baby includes carrying your baby along and all of it's necessities including food, toys, diapers, clothes and what not, so the extra car space will come in handier than you think.


6) Transfer to a new location

Either you need a car which can handle the new long trip, that will help you move or you could be off to a new start in a different city/state/country.   

New places often mean new climate, different roads and what not. Travelling with your old car to a new space could cause more service, more expenses and over all a lot more trouble.


7) Coming to your home country with huge savings

Money matters, especially when you’ve been working abroad and return to a place where the currency is less. This time around, you’re bound to put big money in a better car.


8) One final vehicle before retirement

Your retirement is nearing, so decided to get a vehicle that is going to last you in a long haul. Maybe you need a car that will let you finally make those trips with family or friends that you’ve been missing because of work.

We may live in the here and now but that doesn't stop us from thinking ahead for the future. Often when retiring you think of making up for lost time. This means catching up with friends and family at less expense and at your own convenience.


9) Your friends, family or neighbours have upgraded and you need to keep up

It seems like a silly reason as compared to more rational reasons. But it’s true, often, when there’s a new good car in your personal surrounding, you tend to re-evaluate the condition of yours and well, you know the rest.

You could call it peer pressure or you could say it's changing with the time, or even you could just have a love for cars. But more than your favourite celebrity endorsing a car or your role model sporting a new car. It's the people who are around you that cause the biggest influence.


10) When you finally get your license

You just passed your driving test and this itself calls for a celebration. There isn't a need for you to go around town sporting the rented or family car that you've been learning or practicing on. Go ahead and treat yourself to a new one and say good bye to your Dad’s old maruti.

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