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Top 10 Highway Driving Tips

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With the improvement in road infrastructure and the advent of new generation cars more and more people are shifting from public modes of transport like buses, trains and flights to cars for their long journeys. Travelling together is a great way to spend quality time with your family. Travelling by road with your car gives a lot of freedom and flexibility to your travel. We share some tips to make highway driving and travelling safe and enjoyable.


Highway Driving Tips

  • Don’t race against time. Always start early and reach early. Plan your trip properly to ensure that you have allocated enough time for the trip.
  • Ensure to check tyre pressure before a long journey. Ensure that spare tyre is in good condition. Also, ensure all tyre changing equipment are available in the car and more importantly you know to change a tyre.
  • Open highways will tempt you to drive fast. Always keep in mind that Indian highways are deceptive. You never know when a cattle or a bike suddenly appears on your way.
  • Driving can become monotonous after a couple of kilometers. Carry some good audio files, talks etc depending on your interest. Conversations and discussion with fellow passengers will also keep you fresh and awake.
  • Have regular tea/ coffee breaks. It Is recommended to take at least 15 minutes rest/ break for every 3 hours at the wheel.
  • Maintain enough distance from the vehicle in front. Don’t follow trucks closely as this will fill up your vision.
  • Don’t try to fight the sleep. Take power naps if required. Power naps work.Use mirrors and indicators while changing lanes. Early mornings are the best time to cover long distances.
  • Maintain steady speed. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking. This is not only risky but also, passengers will get tired very fast. Keep your car in good condition always.
  • Buy a car with all safety features. That’s worth the investment.
  • Ensure to be familiar with the car before you take it for a long drive. Different cars behave differently.Be cautious always. Don’t fiddle on mobile, infotainment system or something else while driving.

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