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The Top Electric Cars Took Over The Geneva Motor Show Finally

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Do you want to know about the electric cars in Geneva 2018? Would you like to know about the cars that steal the show? Well, this session includes some top electric cars took place in Geneva motor show. In this 88th year of Geneva motor show, there was a massive collection to show to the world for the very first time and this exhibition took place at Switzerland. The Battery, as well as electric cars, have rocked this year show and they attract everyone towards them. Even though these cars flavoured the show they didn’t arise from the top and large manufacturers. In the Geneva Motor show, there were many meanders in the hall and an engineer among many of them who are busy in explaining their advanced innovation was identified to ask a question.

The question will be regarding the powertrain and also deals with which one they will prefer to make use in five years.The answer for this question was gathered in a combined form, some say that the pure electric and battery vehicles are the forward paths and some say that they are having some commitment to make use of hydrogen fuel. Other said that they are committed to providing internal combustion engine. Some other moves back in a slow manner.

Apart from that, the electric engine has stolen this international show of Geneva 2018 when compared to the normal as well as traditional supercars in the sense that they will really generate a maximum torque. This instant power also pulls the battery cars to come out from its blocks in a fast manner than the combustion peers by challenging the brands of sports cars on their turf.

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The New Nissan Leaf:

Mostly the manufacturers will don’t have an idea or they don’t know to decide which will be good for their business, but everyone has made a small move from the use of fossil fuels. Nissan is one of the top brands who always provide best-selling EV and they feel proud of that. They also have an attack on the electric propulsion and they have now showcased their second generation vehicle Leaf which has the capability to provide 168 miles and produces an output of 150 hp.

It also defines the technology of Vehicle-2-Grid so as to provide the green energy power by means of power plants that are made virtual. But the Marque Mazda of Japanese didn’t mention about the battery as well as electric motors once in a while. They were also busy in knowing the benefits of its compression ignition engine “Skyactiv-X” so as to move forward in refinement as well as emissions. Also the CEO of GFG Style, Fabrizio Giugiaro said that he has a daughter and he also assured that his daughter will not drive a car within the time period of ten years. He is also in partnership with the Envision which is the company of smart energy.

He also added that electric propulsion is unavoidable but the advancement in autonomous driving will arrive very soon then our expectation. China has already many EV uptakes and ridesharing and we all will drive the china cars soon if OEM’s didn’t wake up quickly. Envision which is the partner of the concept of GFG Sibylla also believing that they are on the final stage of the transport and energy revolution. Also the executive director of Envision Energy, Felix Zhang stated that the large manufacturers are reacting in a slow manner to move from fossil fuel which is the traditional technology but no one is talking about this big picture.

He also added that EV charging integration of the electricity grid is one of the great challenges in the industry of automotive. To mention this, the Envision has been incorporated in the platform of IoT (Internet of Things) in this vehicle concept. This allows seeing the car in an intelligent manner of connecting grid. The concept of this virtual powerplant is not a new one and the concept is now in testing to allow the owners to share the extra energy with the service providers by connecting to the grid. It has also involved the larger fleet operators majorly than the individual owners.

GFG Sibylla Concept - Partnership With Envision Smart Energy Company:

At present, Envision is managing energy assets of 100GW across the globe and they are planning to build a smart-city ecosystem and energy IoT globally. The previous year, it has also announced the open platform energy as well as smart-city technology with Accenture, ARM, and Microsoft to help them in the transition of clean energy by means of digitalization. The example of this Envision’s push regarding future of clean energy is the partnership of Envision with Sonnen which is the largest storage solution in Germany.

When it is made to pair with the SonnenCharger, it will be available for all EV owners for free and connects with the existing community that consists plenty of wind and solar generators to achieve the electric charging in a clean manner. According to Sonnen’s managing director, Philipp Schroder and Tesla’s former head in Austria and Germany, the system is capable of producing free electricity of 8,000kWh in one year for the EV owners. It also helps in stabilizing the electricity grid of the public.

Schroder has also explained that if everyone plugs EV then the system will face huge strain and so they are coming up with an excellent solution to create stability as well as sustainable network for the users of EV. Also, this subject is missing in the conversation of transports which are battery powered. It is very easy to blame the large manufacturers, but most of them lack in the budget crisis between the financial burden for high investment and customer willing lacking which is due to poor network and range anxiety.

A recent report has been provided by Reuters and according to that, the jump towards this EV’s caused many automakers to suffer in billions slash from their cost to help the electric cars of lower profitability. Fabrizio Giugiaro also countered that it is not that much good for OEM’s to portray that network hasn’t placed correctly for electric charging. The manufacturers have to do this from the starting and this seems that they are sleeping.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion:

This I.D Vizzion model is the one to have the badge of I.D as the fourth and it will be similar to the Volkswagen Passat regarding size as well as five-level autonomous technologies. It also includes 2 electric motors which will totally produce 301bhp. By having all-electric, it will whoop 665 miles with a full swing. It also represents a shift for the future Volkswagen cars and this makes them stand at the top of the list.

VW said that the technology of Vizzion will not be much more expensive when compared with the top-of-the-line of Passat Diesel. To provide an amazing experience for every passenger, the inside cabin is made with a digital chauffeur. This model will also be capable of charging by itself in off-duty so that the owner of the vehicle need not worry about charging the batteries of the vehicle. This also makes them drive the car in a free manner and also it offers a customized experience to the passenger. 

Iconiq MotorsModel Seven:

This vehicle is based on the concept of all-electric MPV and the rear seats identify the passengers of it and also have multimedia profiles. There are plenty of new faces in the halls of Geneva at the Palexpo Congress Centre and no one worried about the contrary. This IconiqMotors is based in China and it has showcased its all-electric MPV “Model Seven” which consists of a variant of fully autonomous. This variant has much more abilities to react immediately to the changes occurring in the world of automotive.

The concept of this car includes two rear seats of large size to identify the passengers and these seats are made cloud-connected so as to create multimedia profiles for the passengers. Mostly the interaction will be done through voice recognition and Bruno Lambert CEO also stated that the working was in process with Microsoft and AKKA for further development of this technology. He also discussed the two major markets of Iconiq such as Dubai and China where the great demand for high net-worth individuals of spacious as well as luxurious transports exists and it will also have all the advanced and innovative technology.

Also, they are very popular in hailing and ridesharing and so the electric vehicles will be adopted by them soon in a fast manner when compared to Europe and US. In addition, he also stated that there is no doubt that China will adopt the electric vehicles and its industry in a quick manner in near future. They are also going in a good path to develop the technology and he also said that he won’t be surprised if the great future vehicles are manufactured by some few unknown companies of China.

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Hyundai’s New Nexo:

This car consists of hydrogen fuel and is capable of producing a range of 500 miles. It is also one of the largest markets of automobiles in China and it has announced a strict legislation about the NEV (New Energy Vehicle) creation which will be ready to play coming year and it also includes a huge investment in a fast development of electric motor, battery, storage as well as other technologies of EV-related.

Also, this increasingly relays on the European suppliers for innovation. As an output, the Reuters claims investors who are backing in these supplier parts more than the counterparts of car makers to have great financial returns. To overcome this, the UK government has made an attempt by announcing that the research to convert it into solid-state batteries is in the process by the Faraday Institution which will take a look at Oxford University.

To cut down some barriers which are currently faced by the new customer regarding reliability and residual values, the battery is slated to a great diminish anxiety. These solid-state batteries are made to be lighter and more powerful and to charge in a quick manner.

Porsche Unveiled Mission E Cross Turismo:

Nowadays, it looks like most of the manufacturers are feeling happy on having a safe space regarding the fossil fuel as well as electric propulsion with the exception and notable likes for Jaguar’s I-Pace. As Bentley reveals a hybrid variant Bentayga SUV mammoth, Toyota also unveils that they have come in with two options in hybrid and entirely ditches diesel.

First, when the hydrogen fuel put into production, there was some little noise and so it leaves the Hyundai to fly with all-new Nexo. Regarding the automakers of Korea, it will manage a range about 500 miles and it packs the latest technology of Marque. Porsche is the best manufacturer popularly known for their sports cars and it has now taken a new concept of all-electric and this concept is said to be Mission E Cross Turismo.

It has been created to know about the customer’s reaction regarding the battery-powered crossover and the Stuttgart brand readies in its upcoming Mission E for its vehicle which is the first all-electric.This CUV is the most refined SUV version and it includes many elements like wheel arches which are protected, fog lamps, high ride height as well as chunky tires. It will produce a range up to 400kms within 3.5 sec.

Many manufacturers have made an effort to address the environmental concerns by providing the vehicles for greener which is known as the electric cars. Also, they are moving towards the technology of electric cars. The above-mentioned cars are from the list of electric cars took place in Geneva 2018 and attracts many customers. They are also made with advanced technologies and include many innovative concepts.

Apart from the new Ferrari, GT3 RS which is bright green in colour as well as many low volume cars, Geneva has disappointed in traditional petrol heads. But at the same time, it has highlighted the technological changes that are occurring in the world of automotive industry. This Geneva motor show has been started on 8th March 2018 and it will continue till 18th March 2018. Also stay tuned to get more updates.

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