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Top Releases That Are Involved In The Geneva Motor Show 2018

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Do you know that this year the Geneva show is really an eye-watering show? Yes, it has many supercars which consist of combustion engines which are replaced by batteries as well as electric motors. As expected, most of the SUV’s has the underlying theme regarding the uncertain of diesel engines in the upcoming years. So it was a great chance for you to pick your favourite ones in this amazing show. It is no doubt that it is also one of the influential motor shows in the world.

The Geneva Motor Show 2018 which is one of the important events in the calendar of global monitoring has been very recently held in Switzerland. Since Switzerland has no car industry in their home a wide range of latest model cars to the masses assembled there. To make the car lovers happy, this show has included many exciting things like knee-high sports cars, technical demonstrators of outlandish and much more. 

Top Releases That Are Involved In The Geneva Motor Show 2018

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Similar to an ultimate fashion show, it is very hard for the people to know whether the attractive designs, as well as attention seeking cars, will take place in the real world. Also, most of the people desire to have exotic engines allows for accommodating kids, excellent commuting features and also guzzle less amount of fuel. This amazing event shows off many new cars which are going to rock the world in the near future. The following are some of the top cars that took place in this wonderful event “Geneva 2018”.

Audi A6:

This is the all-new luxury car of Audi which has been expected by the people for a very long time. This model will also have to fight against some rivals like Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. Without any change in its style, this brand new model of car is coming to the showroom near you to surprise you all. Also, this car will make its debut in your nearby showrooms almost in June and the price of this car will be known to you at the time of its debut.

This new model car of Audi will be available with its mantra known as “progress through technology”. Each model of Audi will be made by using its standard technology including mid-hybrid system so as to enhance the performance of the car. You can also expect an estate version “Avant” at a right time in future.

BMW 4:

The BMW 4 is the following of the “BMW X3” which is a compact SUV and it almost follows the same as its previous ones. It has been styled with a theswoopier rear, a mild lower suspension when compared to the X3 and it also offers amazing and aesthetic sporty feel. As it is made with fashion, the boot space and rear seat hit a little. Though it has made his debut this week, the booking of the car has been already open and bookings are now welcoming.

It will be available with various diesel engines such as 2.0 litre and 3.0 litre which produces 190hp and 326hp. To provide a better performance, the petrol versions of this car include “M40i” and it will be available soon after the launch of this BMW 4.Like X3, this will also fit with all the models that include an an8-speed automatic gearbox.

Cupra Ateca:

The Seat Ateca launched its new sub-brand which was named as “Cupra” and all the future cars Seat will be made to sell under this name only. This Cupra Ateca is the first car to receive its first outing at this amazing event of Geneva. It consists of a version of 296hp which is one of the most favourite crossovers of testers. It is also made to provide top range performance to the people.

Some of the excellent features that attract towards it include glossy black trim, exhaust pipes quad, amazing rear as well as front bumpers, pedals finished with metal and exotic sports seats. The power required will be provided by a turbocharged engine of 2.0 litre and four-wheel drive and automatic gearbox seven-speed. The detailed information about the price and specification of Ateca Cupra will be announced by the end of this year. 

Hyundai Santa Fe:

The popular Hyundai has achieved its fourth generation by launching this Hyundai Santa Fe in the Geneva 2018. Most probably the style of this model will remain the model of Kona crossover with the thin frame of the headlight of a grille. This amazing model will have a new tailgate and bumper at the rear. It also offers a sportiness touch by having roof spoiler. Apart from offering a spacious as well as 7 seat layout, it also provides an advanced feature in its interior.

The interiors of Hyundai Santa Fe features new info display, switchgear of improved quality when compared to the hatchback of i30. The full specification of the car is still to be released but all the models of Hyundai will have Bluetooth connectivity, five-inch display, and Apple CarPlay. The safety kit of this car will be made to be more advanced and it facilitates “Safe Exit Assist” and this will temporarily lock the doors to prevent accident open. The engine details are also still yet confirmed but it is expected to have 2.2-liter version of the diesel engine and turbocharged petrol engines.

Jaguar I-Pace:

This is a mid-sized SUV which is made to be all electric and is one among the wide range of hybrid as well as electric vehicles in its launchpad which is to be launched in 2019. This will remain the Jaguar which was the first brand to launch an electric model apart from the battery powered model of cars. It is also designed in an excellent manner to be more competitive among the best electric cars.

It is made to be powered using a battery of 90kWh to manage between charges and also it has reached 298 miles on the new test cycle of WLTP. In addition, it is designed to have four-wheel drive to provide more advanced security to the people. So get ready to buy this car and enjoy the features offered by this car.

Kia Ceed:

In every generation, this Kia Ceed will have its medium market by introducing a hatchback. Keeping that aside, here are some reasons to choose this among the heavyweights in the market like VW Golf, Ford Focus, etc. The leading industry Kia has provided a warranty of 100,000 miles by being in the industry for seven years. This new model of Kia is made to be longer as well as wider when compared to its replaced model to provide large interior space.

The style of the car is also designed to provide the athletic appearance to be more chiselled when compared to the previous model which is outgoing now. The crease line of the car is made so sharp and also consists of wide pillars. The interior of the car will be more exciting as it includes entertainment as well as climate control features. The engine of this car offers a lot of variants such as 1.0 litre and 1.4-liter motor whereas the old model has been designed to have 1.6 litres. It also consists of two variants of the1.6-liter engine diesel. The price of this car will be released within its launch.

Mercedes A-Class:

At first, it has some premium hatchback to be medium in the market but now it is giving tough competition to the rivals like Audi 3 and BMW 1 Series and to some new models like VW Golf and Volvo V40. This all-new model of A-Class is making itself a king in the posh hatchback with this sharp evolution of small designed cars. It not only attracts you by its look but also in its features.

The interior of the car is made to be designed in an exclusive manner by introducing high tech features that include a dual-screen display which will be more enormous. It has been first seen on the luxury saloons of E-Class and Mercedes S. At the time of launch, it will feature a 1.5-litre diesel engine, 2.0 ltr petrol engine,and1.4 ltr petrol engine. The booking is now open for this car and the first delivery is expected to be in May. So book your car soon to enjoy all the features of this car.

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Peugeot 508:

Most of the car buyers are now flocking to make compact SUV’s but the Peugeot is still hoping that there is still life in the traditional family car and also they are proving it. When you look at this all-new Peugeot 508, it is very hard to disagree the fact. This new model has included only less amount of conservative design when compared to the outgoing model.

It consists of striking headlights, as well as a fastback roofline which has been tapered. The interior of 508 features two large displays which are large in size and steering wheel of small size. You can expect this all-new Peugeot 508 in showrooms near you in this autumn and it will come with two variants of the engine such as 225hp petrol as well as 180hp diesel. Also, it is expected to add in the range of powertrains within 2019 end.

Toyota Auris:

The all-new Toyota Auris is one of the medium hatchbacks of Toyota at the event of “Geneva 2018”. The manufacture of this excellent car has been planned to continue in the Derbyshire factory. As it is coming to sale before 2019, it will compete with the Kia Ceed which also begun its sale before 2019. Though the entire range of Lexus has banned the diesel engines, the Toyota has also eliminated the diesel engines slowly from the models in its mainstream.

This Toyota Auris has been planned to be made with different hybrid drivetrains to offer convenience to the people and also to meet the expectation of them. In that manner, it features 1.8-liter engine which produces 123hp and 2.90-liter engine which produces 180hp. In addition, it will be also available in conventional petrol engines which are turbocharged. Although it has not announced, you can also expect that the replacement for Auris Touring Sports estate will be announced very soon after it reaches the showroom.

Volvo V60:

After the launch of new XC90 which was held in 2015, the Volvo enjoyed of renaissance and it has been widely spearheaded by many new models. Also, these have shown their desirability of the brand and some usual features offered by them for providing comfort as well as safety. This Volvo V60 is a large estate and this is the latest offer of Volvo. You may also feel difficult to convey about this model other than larger V90 but this is not a bad thing as there are some estate cars which features same head turns.

This Volvo V60 also offers options such as diesel as well as petrol engine along with the big brother of it. You can’t expect this car to have big engines six cylinders as all the car ranges of Volvo have been committed to having four cylinders economically. This doesn’t mean that this Volvo V60 is lagging in power and it also offers plug-in hybrid varieties along with 340hp as well as 390hp variants.

Apart from all these, you can expect the dizzying safety system which is included in the Volvo array and it includes an emergency braking system which can detect the pedestrians, animals, cyclists and an engaged brake to reduce the oncoming collision. Though it has been planned to have excellent safety measures, it will definitely satisfy you in case of safety as it includes advanced safety measures.

The battery, as well as electric cars, are rocking the show of Geneva this year and most of the concept which is interesting will not come from the well known as well as major manufacturers. The Geneva show has taken place on 8th March 2018 and it will continue till 18th March 2018. For updates stay connected.

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