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Unexpected depreciation in the Tata Motors’ Profits for Q4 FY 2018

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Tata Motors has been doing wonders in the domestic market and the profit figures are envious. In spite of excellent turnaround in the domestic business, the company has faced huge depreciation in the consolidated net profit. Recently, it announced the financial results for the last quarter of the financial year 2017-18, and the net profit is highly miserable and disappointing whereas their domestic market has shown positive trend in the profit.

Unexpected depreciation in the Tata Motors’ Profits for Q4 FY 2018

The company’s net profit went down by 49.82%. In 2017-18 financial years, the profit amount has turned out to be 2,176.16 crore while it was 4,336.43 crore net profit just the previous year. But the chairman has come up with the view that the company has seen profitable growth in spite of facing adverse conditions in the market. The focus is more on the future challenges and they are preparing for larger profits both in domestic and global markets. They are more into creating value over the long term and moving ahead with this in a productive way.

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Most importantly, this financial year also marked the 10th year for the Jaguar Land Rover brand. As per the company’s turnaround, they have grown 5 times stronger. Consolidated income from operations for 2017-18 was at total 2, 95,409.34 crore. It was at total 2, 74,492.12 crore in 2016-17. Hence, that is the only positive trend the company has shown, so far this financial year.

They are emphasizing on the improvement in the structure of the business. They have decided to focus on the reinforced actions in PV and will continue with the momentum in the CV last year. They have planned for more productive strategies and they have more attractive products in their pipeline. The company’s effectiveness and efficiency will get enhanced with the new launches and manufactures from the company’s end. 

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