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Volvo Warehouse Opens at Bhiwandi

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Getting spare parts for Volvo cars in India was always a pain since one had to wait a long time for them to be imported. But that wait is over. Volvo, the Swedish carmaker, has inaugurated a National Parts Warehouse (NPW) in India. This warehouse is situated in Bhiwandi, in Mumbai. The warehouse is in alliance with DSV, a supplier of transport and logistics services.

Volvo Warehouse Opens at Bhiwandi

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This NPW will surely make life easier for Volvo car owners and change the course of spare parts availability and service for the said cars. Previously, these spare parts had to be brought from Sweden and so there used to be a long list of people waiting to get their jobs done. Martin Persson, vice president of Global Customer Service, Volvo Car Group, mentioned about this problem in a report.

Volvo will be taking in consideration the different cars it has sold in India and accordingly will stock up the warehouse with the relevant parts available there. For that Volvo will categorise each of the sold model, analyse the history of each car and predict what kind of service it might need in the future if it runs into trouble.

This will definitely help gain customer satisfaction and trust and can also lure in more customers to buy Volvo cars. They might shied away from buying Volvo cars owing to the lack of availability of spare parts in the country. But that problem is there no more. Volvo is thus hopeful for its sales owing to the installation of the warehouse and expect a doubling of its business profits by the year 2020.

This warehouse will provide the customer service that one needs and will thus support the complete Indian customer pool.

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