The new BMW 6-Series GT debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show and has garnered amazing responses at the 2018 Auto Expo as well. The BMW 6-Series GT will compete with the LWB Mercedes-Benz E 350d and has been priced quite competitively indeed. The 6-Series GT promises more comfort and sportier driving experiences for buyers. The BMW 6-Series GT gets the CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform like the 5 and 7-Series models and is lighter by 150 kg than the 5-Series GT which it replaces in the market.

Air Suspension is a key feature that will be standard for the Indian market along with active anti-roll bars and variable dampers. Ride comfort and overall handling are fantastic. There is the active air flap in the grille along with L-shaped breathers before the front doors. There are air curtains and the active rear spoiler will pop up for more downforce once 120 kilometres per hour is crossed. This tackles the car’s wing-esque profile and combats the lift that the upper body generates. There is a lift feature which enhances ground clearance by 20 mm and hence poor roads should not pose major problems. The same 3070 mm wheelbase is used like the regular 7-Series model. There is a flowing roof and a coupe-like design along with a huge tailgate with 610 litres of boot space, frameless doors and 40:20:40 split rear seats which can enhance boot space to 1800 litres.

The design looks really attractive with the smooth body lines and the windscreen has been raked more steeply. This is a long car and the LED wraparound tail lights give it a striking appearance. The nose is similar to the 5-Series and there are headlight pods that are fused with the front grille. The car looks more muscular this time around and this is a good thing. The interiors are spacious and ultra-luxurious. There is abundant space and a feeling of craftsmanship and comfort. Several components are sourced from the 5 and 7-Series models. There are huge premium leather seats in front and multiple adjustments for the steering wheel. The front seats are ventilated with massage functions. Rear legroom is decent although the backrest does not recline as much as one would expect.

The 6-Series GT also gets all the tech attractions from BMW including the screen-based instrument console, gesture control, high-resolution touch screen system, remote parking, surround view camera, 10-inch screens for passengers at the rear, Wi-Fi hotspot and a 1400 watt sound system from Bowers & Wilkins. Ride quality is top-notch, particularly in the Comfort Plus mode and the car takes care of rough potholes with ease. The ride is supple although there is some pitching over bigger bumps although the Comfort mode takes care of this too. The overall ride is comfortable and mostly silent and there is amazing stability and cornering too. There is some body roll but overall the car feels well-balanced. The Sport mode offers lower body roll, more responsiveness from the accelerator, more steering wheel and specific gearbox settings.

The 3.0 litre turbocharged diesel 265 hp engine and 2.0 litre 190 hp diesel engine will be introduced later. Currently there is the 2.0 litre four cylinder turbocharged 258 hp engine that feels great with the 8-speed automatic gearbox for company. The car will be locally assembled in India and this explains its competitive pricing.

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
58.9 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

While rear space and comfort may not be the best you will find, when you take a well-rounded approach, you will see that the tech goodies, air suspension, comfort, handling, engine and design all combine to make the 6-Series GT one of the most enticing propositions from BMW in India. And yes, it is priced attractively as well.