There's dependably been a tremendous gorge, in India, between the moderate size extravagance vehicles - the 5-arrangement, E-class, A6 and XF, and their bigger, limousine kin – the 7-arrangement, S-class, A8, and XJ. This is incompletely in light of the fact that those bigger autos get bigger motors, however more so since they're just sold in India in their extended, long-wheelbase pretences. The outcome is, whether you needed to update from the lesser fragment to the greater one, you needed to twofold your financial plan! Envision a value hole of Rs 50 lakh starting with one class then onto the next – that is precisely how it was until the point when Mercedes chose to extend the E-class and fill that hole. You now had an auto that was precisely somewhere between those two classes in estimate, yet nearer to the less expensive end on cost.

While the 6 GT fits the range like a glove, on paper, you'll take note of that it's not a customary car, but rather it's a liftback; or Gran Turismo, in BMW talk. All around, it's the trade for the old 5-arrangement GT (that was additionally sold here), however the carmaker would rather you didn't make that affiliation, since that auto had a touch of a picture issue, with its capacity over-frame shape. The 6 GT is vastly improved settled, gratefully, and however there is still some massiveness to its extents, it's BMW's sleekest version of a Gran Turismo yet and more like a vehicle fit as a fiddle, as well. It's a major auto, yet the rooftop streams smoothly into the raised back, the greater part of which is chopped around long, thin tail-lights that wrap around the sides with a gigantic looking 3D impact.

Within, the new 6 instantly gives you a feeling of room on account of its tremendous traveller compartment. The plan does, in any case, feel a bit excessively comparative, making it impossible to the 5-arrangement – and once more, it's maybe the base Sport Line trim that adds to this. It's not low lease, by any methods – it gets genuine calfskin seats with an artificial cowhide dashboard top, dim wood-brushed aluminium and even difference sewing; yet we simply wish BMW completed somewhat more to give it its own particular personality. The hardware list reflects the 530i Sport Line, too, and that implies it's great yet not lavish. You do get the most recent iDrive with a touchscreen and signal control, and it's the primary BMW to get Apple CarPlay in India – that as well, without the need of a link. You likewise get versatile LED headlamps, an advanced instrument bunch, an all-encompassing sunroof, four-zone auto atmosphere control and versatile air suspension, which is more 7-arrangement than 5.

It likewise has some extra highlights over the 5-arrangement, particular to the rearward sitting arrangement – like electric back window blinds, raise stimulation screens and a leaning back backrest. Things they've forgotten – in any event until the point that higher trim levels tag along later on – are 360-degree cameras, a remote charging narrows for your telephone and sans hands stopping help, to give some examples. And keeping in mind that you do in any case get BMW's extravagant 'show key' dandy with a touchscreen, the cutting edge remote stopping office is absent.

Air suspension assumes an urgent part in the dynamic character of this auto. This means, even in Sport mode, it would never be very as sharp or controlled as a 5-arrangement. In any case, it completes a far superior activity than other air-suspended autos, similar to state, the E 350d. Indeed, even the controlling feels a ton more honed, better weighted and more straightforward. In this way, while the emphasis is more on comfort, it's particularly a driver's auto, as well. You wouldn't see any problems with taking the wheel, now and then.

Concerning the solace, there is that ultra-extravagant ride that lone air suspension can give you. Indeed, even in Sport mode, beside a general jugginses over unpleasant patches, just the extremely keenest knocks get it out. In Comfort mode, it's on a par with any of the enormous limousines. Truth be told, similar to the 7-arrangement, there is a Comfort Plus mode that is much gentler, yet the resultant buoy and body developments you'll experience on our by and large poor streets mean it's most likely best to adhere to the normal Comfort mode.

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
100.1 Lakhs Get on road price
108.11 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

Growth, progress, fruition, and culminations are different journeys in all facets of life that is visible even in a vehicle’s journey. And in that the new BMW 6 Series has a not to offer. It comes either as a convertible or a coupe version. Performance-wise, it is ahead of other competitor coupes with better drivability quotient and price-wise is also not as steep. In India, the 6 Series started as a 2-door convertible and then was introduced with a hardtop and now comes as a 4-door, 4-seater version. Interestingly, the convertible comes with a rear window that can be lowered or raised as per convenience and overall, this is a topnotch car.