The Datsun Go's biggest selling point is its space. It is made on the Micra platform; hence it has the space of the Micra as it is the same length. The Go comfortable seats four tall people, which isn't the case with competition. It has sufficient room and the Go definitely has an advantage over the competition when it comes to the space and seating comfort. The front row of seating is also a bench, however the centre space is meant for storing handbags, laptop bags etc. It has a boot space of 265 litres, making it the largest in its segment. The Go comes loaded with Mobile Docking Station, which makes it the first car to have this, follow me home headlamps, intelligent wiper, front power windows, power steering and AC for the range topping model. Many of these are segment first features.

The Go has a 1.2 litre engine that produces decent amount of power and even the drivability of this engine is good. The Datsun Go is definitely one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles despite such good performance. The Go comes mated to a five speed manual transmission and the first two ratios are short and the other three are tall. This makes it easier to drive it in the city and even on the highway. Nissan has worked on the fuel efficiency of the Datsun Go and it has a better figure than that of the Micra, as it lighter and even the engine has been detuned a bit.

The braking on the Datsun Go is good, even the top of the line model comes with ABS fitted in it. The dampener technology on the Go has been picked up from the Infiniti. Infiniti is Nissan's premium car division and the Datsun gets this technology. The Datsun Go's ride is supple and it absorbs most of road shocks. The suspension does a good job on broken tarmac.

Variants of the Datsun GO:




Variants Ex-Showroom Price
3.48 Lakhs Get on road price
3.51 Lakhs Get on road price
3.85 Lakhs Get on road price
4.2 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

The new Datsun Go is a perfect city vehicle, and can commute through traffic, traversing through the city comfortably. High speed riding up to 120 kmhr is not unsettling, where the road is not felt, a big advantage for an A segment vehicle. But the car still needs a lot of work up, looks wise, seating comfort improvisations, better safety features in place and a supportive after sales service. A good car to enter the A segment, the Datsun Go is definitely a dependable and a recommended buy in the entry level car segment.