Rats - Nightmare for Car Owners

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Rats - Nightmare for Car Owners


Hello all,

I have heard that this forum shares and discusses great info about cars and bikes and have a question to help me out of a situation. I found that rats have formed their nest in my car.

I don’t know how they managed to do this but now I am in real trouble and don’t know how to deal with it. Can you please help me with some valuable tips to let me know if you have ever faced this situation and what you did to tackle this.


Hi Mukesh,

This is a common problem that people face. Rats infest the garage which has dark pockets which are ideal for the rats to hide. Here are few tips that you can use to get rid of rats from your car:

  1. If you park your car in a secure area, keep the bonnet open. Rats like dark places so if the bonnet is left open, they do not get a place to hide. But don’t keep the bonnet open in unsecured parking lots because then the car thieves will have easy access too.

  2. Keep your garage or parking area free of garbage which the rats are likely to gather in your car. Make sure to clean the engine bay with a car detergent.

  3. Put naphthalene balls nearby. Tie these moth balls in small cloth pouches and put them in different corners of the engine bay. Or else you can also get strong smelling chewing tobacco and tie them in pouches too and place around the engine bay. Rats hate strong smelling objects and will keep off. But do make sure that these substances are kept well away from sources of heat like the exhaust and all moving parts of the cars!!

  4. Never use rat poison in the engine bay with the idea to kill them. Rat poison will attract rats. So while you may be successful in killing them, new ones will keep getting attracted. You can go for keeping rat traps or rat poison a short distance away from your car so that rats are allured out of your car and then get trapped.

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Hi Mukesh

Here are few more tips that can come handy:

  1. You can try to seal off all access to the cabin using adhesive sealant.

  2. Buy an electronic rat repelling device and place it in the area where you park your car. These are known to have been effective

  3. You can also get a cat to ward off rats, but only if you can deal with a cat as a pet, which is something that not everyone is comfortable with.

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