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Hello Everyone,

I agree with Ghanshyam aswell as Pratysuh.

Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport is very...

Posted in Which is the best AT compact/midsized car for hills 4 years ago

Hi Sania,

Considering all parameters, I would also go for S-Cross.

Best Regards,
Rajesh Nair

Posted in Hyundai Creta vs. Maruti S-Cross: Which should I buy? 4 years ago

Thanks Ghanshyam & Subu for this wonderful thread.

Best Regards,
Rajesh Nair

Posted in Car Service 4 years ago

Well said Subu....

Wonderful content in Indian Blue Book Research Category......

Thanks & Regards,

Posted in How do you easily spot a bad driver? 4 years ago

Hello all,

I am sharing some info that got to know about the elegant and beautiful Volkswagen Polo. ...

Posted in Which car to buy during discounts? 4 years ago

Hi Subu,

You have not mentioned which Maruti car your friend currently owns and which is the previou...

Posted in What do you think are the biggest flops from Maruti Suzuki in India? 4 years ago

My Name is Rajesh Nair. Happy user of Marui Suzuki Swift RS Edition. I'm a Mechanical Engineer and I...

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Hi there! I am new to this forum. I had been searching for a place where I can discuss and get infor...

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