The new Lexus flagship model, the LS500h simply takes the concept of luxury and premiumness to a whole new level. This is a triumph of Japanese quality, performance and engineering. The LS 400 was one of the best cars of its generation and outperformed several big brands with its super smooth performance, an absolutely silent cabin and zero vibrations. The car was immensely popular since it was priced in a range between the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and E-Class models. This made German luxury automakers a little wary of the car and the LS 400 continued its stellar run globally ever since. Hybrid technology came into the mix along with a more distinct design language.

The 5th generation model or the LS500h is a more futuristic and evolved option. There are bolder maws and a spindle-esque grille along with 5, 000 individual surfaces for the latter. The grille seems like a piece of absolute art in its entirety and there are open-mounted vents on each side. There are Z shaped headlights which resemble lightning streaks and huge 20-inch chrome wheels. The body seems barge-esque and there is a large 3125 mm wheelbase. The shoulder line and arching roofline look unique. The rear zone is more conventional in terms of design but the tail lights are chrome laced and look amazing. The LS500h offers a sheer treat in terms of driving experiences and the first thing that one will notice is the sheer agility.

There is more confidence and better handling in spite of all the weight and size on offer. The low-positioned batteries may have worked to enhance this feeling of compactness even though the car is 5.2 metres long. There is the air suspension system and multiple drivetrain modes. The exhaust note is lovely although there is some roll when you corner tightly. However, there is excellent grip overall and even though the steering is on the lighter side, it is extremely accurate. There is a 60 hp electric motor and the performance part comes from the V6 engine that dishes out 299 hp. There is a 10-speed automatic gearbox on offer and the 0-100 kmph dash can be executed in only 5.4 seconds. The transmission unit fuses a four-speed automatic unit with a CVT.

This ensures effortless cruising and reduced transmission losses. There is the electric assist from the hybrid drive system and the entire package feels crisp and neat. The LS500h offers several unique touches including the throne-esque design for the rear seats with a chunk central armrest. There are touch controls for the armrest and seat can recline to 48 degrees while the front seats can slide away and fold down. You can also get the seats cooled and even get your back massaged. Lexus has reportedly collaborated with Japanese Shiatsu massage experts for getting the right pressure in the best places and the intensity can be adjusted accordingly. There are 5 massage functions and the air suspension can be adjusted for more comfort. The climate control system has sensors for measuring body temperature. There is the Mark Levinson Reference Series sound system along with a 16-channel amplifier. The LS500h is certainly a complete vehicle. There is fabulous ride quality on offer too.

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
177.21 Lakhs Get on road price
182.21 Lakhs Get on road price
193.71 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

Even though there are some minor kinks as compared to something like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Lexus LS500h manages to grab one’s attention with its attractive design, oodles of space, interior luxury, a long list of features and of course, hybrid technology. Overall, it is something different that you could opt for if you are looking for a new car in this price range.