The Mahindra eVerito has been positioned as an innovative product for the Indian market and is an electric car, which could be a good solution to pollution problems in the country. The eVerito gets ample chrome on the bumper along the front fender on the left has a Fast Charging port in blue and silver. There is a Verito electric decal in blue while the rear has an e in green before the Verito name and the electric differentiation. The design is otherwise similar to the regular Verito model. The design is dated but not as unattractive as one might feel.

There is a huge dial with a surrounding brushed aluminum ring. There is a miniscule digital unit with a blue backlight, which displays the mode. There is the efficiency meter and State of Charge meter along with the single-din music player with CD and AUX support. The glovebox is illuminated and big enough. The eVerito, however, misses steering mounted controls, a touch screen infotainment unit, climate control and even height adjustability for the driver’s seat. There are no electrically adjustable ORVMs or suitable bottle holders for the doors. However, the eVerito offers comfortable experiences for five people and comes with 510 litres of boot space. The Li-ion battery pack is positioned where the diesel/petrol engine was earlier placed, thereby helping keep boot space to the maximum.

There is a 72V three-phase induction motor, which dishes out 30.5 kW and 91 Nm of torque. There is a single-speed transmission setup and the 200Ah Li-ion battery helps in powering the air conditioning unit, music system and car headlamps. This also helps in charging the 12V battery, which comes into play while starting the car. Starting the car is a new experience where a few seconds after the key is turned, there is a little noise from the rear. Thereafter, you have to use the drive button on the dashboard’s right side. The car moves forward and you have to choose F for the gear lever and the car increases its speed. You can switch to B, which offers added power.

The driving experience is not on the exciting side and there are not enough responses. The eVerito takes quite some time to touch 40 kilometres per hour from zero. The claimed top speed of 86 kilometres per hour will take a long time to get to. The car has a range of 110 kilometres although real figures might be slightly lower. There is brake energy recuperation along with the Fast Charge, Revive and Boost features. Revive offers extra range in times of low charge and this will be around 5 kilometres. Fast Charge enables the car to be charged within an hour and 50 minutes as compared to the regular 8 hours.

This feature comes for the D6 top model only. Airbags and ABS are not available for the car. Ride quality is decent enough although the steering is heavy and somewhat lackluster. The braking is top notch for the car however.

Our Verdict