Since its debut in 2003, the Maserati Quattroporte, a car that defined the luxury sport sedan segment, has won the hearts of 20,000 customers worldwide, winning 50 plus international awards. This marvelous beauty has been crafted by Pininfarina, making it the perfect balance between elegance and sportiness.

This ultimate luxury saloon is the epitome of Italian style. The design of the new Quattroporte reinterprets the characteristics of the classic Maseratis in a contemporary language. Additionally, its new engines, a V8 delivering 530 bhp and a 410 bhp V6, coupled with an eight speed automatic gearbox by ZF complete the sixth generation of the new flagship of the Trident marque.

The Skyhook system works together with a highly developed suspension architecture offering front and rear double wishbones with arms and hubs in forged aluminium, to deliver blistering dynamic handling and sumptuous ride comfort. Anti-dive and anti-squat geometries prevent the nose diving under braking and the tail-end dipping under acceleration. The Skyhook system delivers automatic damping control too. Acceleration sensors monitor the movements of the wheels and the car's body, instantly adapting the calibration of the dampers to suit. In fact, Skyhook is a staggering 10 times faster than conventional systems currently available. It actively controls the suspension's responses and thus the reactions of the car itself. The driver can also choose between two modes: Normal (for maximum comfort) and Sport (for a more hands-on experience) to suit the style of driving required. The Quattroporte comes with new 20’’ Multi-Trident wheels, as they are now available across the entire range.

The Quattroporte's extraordinary dynamic performance is the direct result of its stunning combination of driving and safety features which offer a perfect balance of sportiness and comfort. The electronic power steering also offers feather-light handling during slower manoeuvres but becomes gradually more direct and precise as the car picks up speed.


1. Quattroporte 4.2

2. Quattroporte S 4.7

3. Quattroporte Sport GT 4.7

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
143.71 Lakhs Get on road price
145.87 Lakhs Get on road price
167.47 Lakhs Get on road price
Variants Ex-Showroom Price
151.27 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

The Italian-made, Maserati Quattroporte is an elegant, performance driven car that is sensible, stylish that also offers a sports car like effect. Interestingly, both Maserati and Ferrari are sister companies metaphorically, speaking. Quattroporte in Italian means ‘four-door’. And this car comes as a 4-door option that is easy to drive and operate with drop-dead classy looks. But even though the car has everything going for it, it is still not rated very high owing to a few niggles that aren’t addressed even in the latest upgraded version and notwithstanding its unimaginably high-price in the Indian market that can only be overcome if the heart rules the head.