The Evalia might not be a head turner, but it is extremely practical. The interiors of the Evalia has spacious and is fairly loaded with features. Even the quality is decent. Evalia is very high on practicality with sliding doors and a low floor for loading. The interior space is one of the biggest USP of the Evalia. There is loads of room in the first two rows for your head and knees. Even the boot can swallow a good amount of luggage without flipping down the third row of seats. Also, when the seats are flipped, it forms a flat bed. Now, the Evalia also gets the plug-in window on the sliding door, cover for the glove box and hand grip for the third row passengers. The low floor makes easy loading and ingress egress for the aged.

Nissan has plonked in a 1.5 litre diesel engine in the Evalia. The noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels are fairly low, a typical of this engine. Crank the engine, and you will be astonished by its quietness. Being 85 bhp, the initial thought is that the engine seems to be underpowered. Thoughts change once you get behind the steering wheel. The power delivery is linear and the pull of the engine is good enough, even from low revs. No hesitation from the engine, even when lugged into a higher cog.

The ride on the Evalia is very much sorted and even the handling isn't bad. The best part of driving the Evalia is that it feels like a sedan, and can be easily steered in tight lanes, despite its dimensions. The ride suppleness is good as the suspension irons out all the jolts and also rides with well-damped compliance. The engineers at Nissan have tweaked the suspension well to have minimal body roll despite the colossal size of the Nissan Evalia.


1) Evalia XE

2) Evalia XE+

3) Evalia XL

4) Evalia XL (O)

5) Evalia XV

Evalia XV (O)

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
9.24 Lakhs Get on road price
9.77 Lakhs Get on road price
10.37 Lakhs Get on road price
10.61 Lakhs Get on road price
11.32 Lakhs Get on road price
11.58 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

MPVs typically define its capacity to ferry a larger family comfortably and should be ably supported by good luggage space. And the new Nissan Evalia completely lives up to that. Because its superiority in both these departments is remarkable and many of its close competitors in the segment cannot totally match up to this. The Evalia offers good mileage, road handling, and drivability and is a good family carrier that works well both in city limits and also the highways. Though not sporting great exterior design, and its side profile looking like a cargo car, its optimum space usage and availability will give it a presence among competitors.