The Micra Active gets the same curvy theme for the interiors from the Micra. The door handles, the tachometer, the air-con vents, the centre console all are round in shape. The quality of the interiors plastics is good and the fit and finish is also decent. Most of the bits are picked from the previous version of the Micra, hence there is no compromise on the quality front. The styling of the Micra Active is like the Micra and not much of a difference as a chassis.

Micra Active is a high-refined product from Nissan as it competes in the B segment hatchback segment. It also comes loaded with bells and whistles that are now being introduced in other B segment hatchbacks. The space in the Micra Active is good. The space for the front row is sufficient with enough support for your back and thighs. At the rear, though the thigh support could have been better. The size of the boot is also sufficient.

The Micra Active is available only with the 1.2-litre petrol engine. This engine has been detuned, but the weight of the vehicle has been reduced too. The engine has low NVH levels and it pulls seamlessly. The petrol engine comes mated to the five speed manual. The ARAI mileage of the Micra petrol is 19.49kmpl.

Micra Active has one of the best ride suppleness as it has softly sprung suspension. The Micra Active has one of the best ride suppleness as it underpins the softest suspension set-up that glides over potholes. The handling is decent for city driving, for which the hatchback has been built. All the cars in this segment have a sorted ride as the suspension doesn't jiggle and disturb the peace of the occupants. The suspension set-up being soft, it isn't a great handler. The handling is just fine.

Variants of Petrol version:

1) Micra Active 1.2 XL

2) Micra Active 1.2 XV

3) Micra Active 1.2 XV Safety Pack

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
3.89 Lakhs Get on road price
4.62 Lakhs Get on road price
5 Lakhs Get on road price
5.27 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

The all new Nissan Micra Active proves reliability, reasonable running cost and easy driving. This is a small car which provides excellent visibility and perfect turning radius. Perfect for city driving, however on the highway, speed and handling is average and not on par with competitors. The engine noise at high speeds can reach the cabin as well. Four levels are offered, the mid-spec car would be a perfect car with just the right installed features. A consumer can now enjoy the quality of the Nissan brand at an affordable price with advanced technologies and reliability.