Since its launch in 2009, Ghost has been the younger sibling of the Phantom. Ghost is a thoroughly contemporary representation of Rolls-Royce luxury – perfectly balancing effortless dynamism and modern luxury in a car that is composed under all circumstances. Owners enjoy a quietly assured, exquisitely refined modern car with an interior ambiance that offers a sense of calm and serenity in an often frenetic and chaotic business world.

In essence, Ghost is a Rolls-Royce that meets its owner’s every need; an exquisitely appointed business tool for the business week and an engaging and effortless driving experience for leisure at the weekend. Flowing ‘yacht lines’ and powerful flanks hint at the car’s inherent dynamism, whilst traditional Rolls-Royce DNA is expressed in the elevated prow, large uninterrupted surfaces, long bonnet and short overhang.

Ensuring Ghost remains at the very cutting edge of an ever-changing world is essential to satisfying Rolls-Royce’s demanding customers and Ghost Series II proves a showcase for the most recent technological advances from the marque. Clad in a subtle re-design, Ghost Series II ensures the timeless yet modern quality that the marque’s customers cherish.

The eye is immediately drawn towards the re-sculpted headlights, with unbroken daytime running lights framing a new, more dynamic shape, giving Ghost Series II a distinct visual signature from the front. This blends perfectly with revised surface treatments to the front of the car. A tapered ‘wake channel’ on the bonnet, emanating from the Spirit of Ecstasy’s wings, evokes the sight of a jet’s vapour trail, hinting at the car’s dynamism. These features, married with new optional 21” forged wheels and standard 19” wheels, ensure Ghost remains a perfectly executed, contemporary expression of Rolls-Royce luxury. New surprise and delight features such as the optional monogrammed stainless-steel fuel-filler cap enhance the car’s tactile and visual appeal.


1. Ghost

2. Ghost Extended Wheelbase

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
270.07 Lakhs Get on road price
329.47 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

The Rolls Royce Ghost is just luxury and its sister names personified. In fact, each car is hand-made individually and is customized to what its owner wants and would like to have featured. That is the uniqueness of this car. Other than that, this is a car that is a performer that will deliver to everything it stands for. It is stylish, neat, well-designed, and chic and a whole lot of superlatives tag along to represent the Ghost. The interiors just showcase exquisiteness in everything that is featured. But of course, it comes with a price tag that is just way over.