Tata Motors has upgraded the Indica eV2 and now it isn’t just spacious but even the quality of materials used on the inside has been improved too. The Indica eV2 was always a spacious hatchback and Tata has added more frills to this hatchback in the last one decade. The insulation of the cabin has been improved too. The Indica eV2 now gets Bluetooth connectivity, better quality plastics and better fit and finish.

The Indica eV2 retains the same spacious interiors as before. The front row or the rear, both offer good amount of space. The thigh and side support offered by the seats aren’t that amazing. But one cannot expect much from this price tag.

The CR4 is definitely the pick of the lot, when we consider the BS4 and BS3 powertrains that are offered with the Indica eV2. The gear shifts have been a major improvement too. The CR4 and the TDI both have the same engine block and CR4 produces 68bhp of power, while the TDI has 52 bhp. The TDI produces a torque of 85 Nm, while the CR4 churns out 140 Nm. The power delivery from this oil burner is fantastic, and it is no longer sluggish like the old 1.4 litre block. The 1.2 litre petrol engine on the Indica, which was called as the Xeta has now been discontinued, and only the diesel engines are available at the moment.

The Tata Indica eV2 has good ride characteristics, while the handling is decent as well. The Indigo/Indica platform always had a plush ride and this has even trickled down to the eV2. Due to the shorter wheelbase, the Indica eV2 has a slightly stiffer suspension. The suspension on this hatchback does a fair job of absorbing the road shocks and filtering all the shocks.

Despite the soft suspension of the Indica eV2 means better handling characteristics of the sedan. It doesn’t feel rolly when you push it hard, however it isn’t that fun to drive as it lacks the feedback from the steering wheel. Also, the steering wheel can’t be adjusted.


1) Indica eV2 GLS eMAX - CNG

2) Indica eV2 GLX eMAX - CNG

3) Indica eV2 LS - Diesel

Indica eV2 LX - Diesel

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
4.24 Lakhs Get on road price
4.52 Lakhs Get on road price
Variants Ex-Showroom Price
4.82 Lakhs Get on road price
5.26 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

Tata Indica is one of the best cars available in the middle-class Indian market which is value for money and worth every penny. It has great fuel efficiency and the ride ensures that you can travel the distance without affecting your pocket. The Ev2 has modified interiors as compared to its older version and has modified suspensions. After the great response to Indica, which had few drawbacks, the EV2 was introduced to capture the market by storm. With fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost being its plus, this car has become ever so popular and much suited to the Indian terrain.