Originally meant for export only, the Xenon XT is Tata’s lifestyle pickup truck that is based on the 207. The Xenon XT is a lifestyle pick-up that comes with a 2.2 litre DiCOR diesel engine that churns about 139 bhp of power and this comes with a 4x4 with shift on fly option. The Tata Xenon XT just like the Safari gets the limited slip differential, which makes it easier to pull out of tough terrains. The Xenon XT comes bolted on with a five speed manual transmission and for off roading there are three modes, two wheel drive high, four wheel drive low range and four wheel drive high range.

The Xenon XT is a double cab, so this means that there are two rows of seating and a family of four or five people can travel in it. The Xenon XT comes with a long loading bed, which enables one to carry loads of luggage even if one has to set-up a farm. Even a cycle should fit in the loading bay. This makes the Xenon XT an extremely practical pick-up. The Xenon XT comes with power windows and power steering as the standard features.

It looks good, is available in four-wheel drive versions, and there’s even a hard top cover available for the load bay in the back, should you want it. The Xenon does feel a little agrarian, but it’s also a little reassuring, because that same feeling makes you feel invincible off-road. The Xenon is quite a capable off-road machine, too, with a low-range transfer case and differential locks. We do wish that the interior was a nicer place to be in – better quality and a good audio system would truly catapult the Xenon from ‘possibly nice second car’ to ‘definitely my second car’.


Xenon XT 2.2 VX

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
10.34 Lakhs Get on road price
11.41 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

Though this pickup truck was more suited for rural and commercial purposes, Tata had to modernize it and keep up with the market. Tata has created a niche in the Indian market with this 4X4 that is rough and tough from the outside but at the same time, it has soft interiors. Now the vehicle is aiming to tap the lifestyle segment in India. This 4X4 wheel drive is built to conquer high country terrains whether muddy, slushy or uneven. It has an urban salability quality as it can be used for transportation and off-roading trips. Rural populace too find their usage in this vehicle. The Xenon’s design is a combination of looks and performance.