About VOLVO S80

The 2014 Volvo S80 comes with a new look on the outside. There is a new grille, though it is smaller than the last version. The headlamps have a fresh look and the S80 sports daytime LED lamps too. The rear bumper has gone through a reshape, hence the larger look. The inside cabin has a wood finish which blends well. There is more focus on functionality and the buttons and knobs are well placed for easy access. The seats are soft and leather-made with more than enough leg space for every passenger.

Volvo S80 only comes with a 2.0-litre diesel engine, but it offers you two variants, both of which are powerful engines. Volvo S80 D4 gives a maximum power of 163bhp with a torque output of 400Nm, and Volvo S80 D5 generates a power of 215bhp alongside 440Nm. The disc braking mechanism assisted with hydraulic brake system ensures a safe breaking system.

The electrically powered glass sunroof is an interesting addition. The cabin also carries utilities like coat hanger and ticket holder. The infotainment system has an aux connect and Bluetooth option. Airbags, whiplash protection system and traction control ensures maximum protection to the passengers in the car.

Audi A4 and Mercedes Benz C Class come within the same cost range, but Volvo S80 is much more affordable to service and maintain.

Volvo S80 comes in 2 diesel variants.

1. Volvo S80 D4

2. Volvo S80 D5

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
36.68 Lakhs Get on road price
45.21 Lakhs Get on road price
49.21 Lakhs Get on road price

Our Verdict

The S80 is another classic rendering from the Swedish automaker, Volvo. It is a car that is for a serious and not the ostentatious types. It is very high in the safety features and is also a good on-road performer. Volvo is known for its ergonomic design and that reflects strongly in the S80 too. It is a great car to drive around with smooth throttle and is very user-friendly. Unfortunately for Volvo, in spite of having such high performing cars, market penetration and dealer visibility is limited and therefore, people are not aware and therefore it doesn’t retail well.