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Indianbluebook.com is the compilation of astronomical amount of car data. Data that is derived from car transactions, or prices at which customers are buying and selling their cars. This data is then processed through our scientific engine to arrive at the benchmark price of a vehicle, which is termed as precise price. This price enables both seller and buyer to take a judicious call during a transaction

IBB has the sole access to exhaustive data relating to car transactions on different fronts viz. customer facing channels of trade-ins, brokers, dealerships, certified dealerships and also B2B channels like finance institutions, insurance companies , lease companies, fleets, auctions, salvage transactions etc. This includes over 2 million real-time transactions data of car buying and selling, across 300+ cities in India for over 3000 car variants.

Actual prices of selling or buying a car in the market amount to transaction data. This data is the input through which we derive the precise price of a car.

Precise pricing refers to the pricing range which allows the buyer/seller to negotiate the right deal so that a seller never undersells his car, and a buyer never overpays for a car.

IBB's core team comprises of experts from various backgrounds, including mechanical and IT engineers, statistical and management professionals along with others. Together, they bring in automobile acumen of over two decades. Strongly driven by the passion to demystify data of a million car transactions, they thus empower the customer to take the right decision always.

IBB with its scientific edge in car valuation and other class-leading products enable you to make a confident choice while buying, owning and selling your car.

IBB helps you throughout with your car buying decision. Be it selecting a car from its large inventory or its inspection, giving a warranty or even helping you with the finance options, IBB’s tools and products ensure a complete & fulfilling experience.

You can use IBB Trade service that helps you sell your car within 72 hours and complete the transaction in a completely hassle-free way.

Car inspection helps you find out hidden defects/problems in a used car before you seal the deal. It empowers you to make a fact-based smart purchase, saving you time & money.

Autoinspekt is the most preferred car evaluation service by IBB. With Autoinspekt you get the expertise to find out if your favourite car is also the right car for you.It provides you a comprehensive car health report so you’re convinced of a transparent deal, allowing you to buy with confidence.

IBB Trade helps you maximize your car’s value through its exclusive buyer base. With this product you can get the best possible quote for your car within 72 hours and complete the transaction in a completely hassle-free way.

You can get warranty for your car if it passes the certification test by our experts. Explore Warranty in our Products section to know more.

Yes. IBB makes your car buying/selling experience complete with its unique offerings. This includes quick & reliable paper transfer through trusted expertise from our partners. Explore Paper Transfer in our Products section to know more.

Anyone who’s interested in cars and/or willing to sell/buy a car can use IBB.

Your ID is activated instantly after you complete the registration, which also means that you can start using the website immediately thereafter.

It is not mandatory to upload your complete stock. However, it’s recommended that you update your inventory in the correct format to ensure maximum leads.

Yes. At IBB, we ensure equal involvement by all the dealers through regular reminders that encourage them to update their inventory. Besides, we also assign an executive to each dealer who helps manage and move their inventory.

A maximum of 25 images are allowed to be uploaded for each car.

Other dealers can view your details including name and address and also car details (including car images). But they cannot see the car registration details as it will be screened by us.

No. You can access the same website on a range of devices including desktop, laptops, handheld devices and others.

The only gateway to the website is a valid username and a password. Apart from you, only our technical lead will have access to the details. And that too, is only for tackling any backend problem(s).

There will be a dedicated executive assigned to you who’ll help you with the day-to-day functioning on the website. From uploading stock to managing it, and to even assist you with moving your inventory faster, the executive will be available to help.

Customer speaks...

Until recently getting warranty was option only available with new cars. And thinking of getting warranty on used cars as old as 12 years was unimaginable.
Now to our relief IBB offers certifirst and certifirst plus that covers warranty on engine and moving parts. It now safeguards me from paying hefty bills in case of any major repairs that can pop up any time in the 8 years old car that I drive.

Prasad Pavithran

I recently switched my jobs and had to shift to Mumbai from Hyderabad for the same. I was advised to sell my car in Hyderabad instead of getting registration transferred to Mumbai, as getting documentation done is challenging task. But I got all my documentation taken care by IBB paper transfer service; their executive came to my office to collect all the necessary documents and take my signatures on required forms and next thing I know is I have got new set of documents delivered to my office. Indeed, it was such an amazing experience, that I would highly recommend it.

Manas Achrekar

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